SPECIAL English Quiz For SSC Tier-II Exam: IDIOMS

Directions (1-15): Four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase bold in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase and mark it in the Answer sheet.

 Q1. In the blues
(a) Being colourful
(b) Melancholy and low-spirited
(c) Behave like a lord
(d) Cheerful and happy

Q2. See eye to eye
(a) Stare at each other
(b) Agree
(c) Depend on
(d) Make an effort
Q3. Talk shop
(a) Talk about one’s profession
(b) Talk about shopping
(c) Ridicule
(d) Treat lightly
Q4. Bad blood
(a) Infected blood
(b) Ill-feeling
(c) Unfaithful
(d) Suspicion
Q5. Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve
(a) Lure passionately
(b) Do the right thing
(c) Show one’s feelings
(d) A foolish idea
Q6. A pipe dream
(a) A bad dream
(b) A pleasant dream
(c) An impracticable plan
(d) A foolish idea
Q7. To get into hot waters
(a) To suffer a financial loss
(b) To be impatient
(c) To get into trouble
(d) To be in a confused state of mind
Q8. Something up one’s sleeve
(a) A secret plan
(b) A grand idea
(c) A profitable plan
(d) Something important
Q9. To catch a tartar
(a) To deal with a person who is more than one’s match
(b) To catch a dangerous person
(c) To trap a wanted criminal with great difficulty
(d) To meet with disaster
Q10. To have dig at
(a) To criticize someone
(b) To sow seeds
(c) To weed out
(d) To praise someone
Q11. Judas kiss
(a) Wooing
(b) A narrow escape
(c) Hypocritical affection
(d) A religious person
Q12. To be at sea
(a) To be a sailor
(b) To be a steward
(c) To be occupied
(d) To be perplexed
Q13. To keep the pot boiling
(a) To maintain interest
(b) To heat
(c) To show anger
(d) To do experiments
Q14. To be at one’s wits’ end
(a) To be unhappy
(b) To be sorely perplexed
(c) To forget everything
(d) To go mad
Q15. To be on the horns of a dilemma
(a) To be in a good situation
(b) To be jinxed
(c) To be confused
(d) To be utterly sore

S1. Ans.(b) 
Sol. In the blues-feelings of melancholy, sadness, or depression.

S2. Ans.(b) 
Sol. See eye to eye -be in full agreement.

S3. Ans.(a) 
Sol. Talk shop-discuss matters concerning one’s work, especially at a social occasion when this is inappropriate.

S4. Ans.(b) 
Sol. Bad blood -unpleasant feelings or animosity between people.

S5. Ans.(c) 
Sol. Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve -to display one’s feelings openly and habitually, rather than keep them private

S6. Ans.(c) 
Sol. A pipe dream- a wish or an idea that is impossible to achieve or carry out

S7. Ans.(c) 
Sol. To get into hot waters -to get into trouble

S8. Ans.(a) 
Sol. Something up one’s sleeve -to have a secret plan that you can surprise someone with

S9. Ans.(a) 
Sol. To catch a tartar -To encounter or be forced to reckon with someone or something that proves more powerful, troublesome, or formidable than one expected.

S10. Ans.(a) 
Sol.  take a dig at someone-to insult or pester someone

S11. Ans.(c) 
Sol.  Judas kiss-an act appearing to be an act of friendship, which is in fact harmful to the recipient.

S12. Ans.(d) 
Sol.  To be at sea – to be confused; to be lost and bewildered

S13. Ans.(a) 
Sol.  To keep the pot boiling-to keep going on actively, as in certain games.

S14. Ans.(b) 
Sol.  To be at one’s wits’ end-at the limits of one’s mental resources

S15. Ans.(c) 
Sol.  on the horns of a dilemma- having to decide between two things, people, etc



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