English Quiz (Fill in the Blanks) SSC CGL and CPO 2016

Directions (1-10):In these questions, sentences are given with blank to be filled in with an appropriate word. Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four alternative.

1.Even more than beauty, youth attracts me and with ___________ appeal. 
(a) an ineluctable 
(b) an irresistible 
(c) an incomprehensible 
(d) a delectable 
Ans- b

2.Sometimes it is necessary for an author to know what is going on in the minds of his characters. This is called __________.
(a) omnipresence 
(b) omniscience 
(c) omnipotence 
(d) truculence 
Ans- b

3.The speaker painted a ___________ picture of hunger in parts of India. 
(a) chimerical 
(b) passionate 
(c) parsimonious 
(d) poignant 
Ans- d

4.Some parents make their commands so __________ that they antagonize their children. 
(a) perfunctory 
(b) peremptory 
(c) acrimonious 
(d) spasmodic 
Ans- b

5.Discontented wives, dejected lovers, frustrated politicians, all these tend to be ___________. 
(a) specious 
(b) abstemious 
(c) euphemistic 
(d)  querulous 

6.__________ is a person who dabbles in art and letters
(a) dilettante 
(b) connoisseur 
(c) philistine 
(d) chauvinist 
Ans- a

7.The assassination of the Archduke was followed by ____________ throughout the whole European continent. 
(a) repercussions 
(b) concatenations 
(c) reprisals 
(d) consternations 
Ans- a

8.A great literary or artistic work is known as a ___________. 
(a) pot-pourri 
(b) par excellence 
(c) bête noire 
(d) magnum opus 

9.The person who is looking for sympathy talks is ——–. 
(a) glibly 
(b) didactically 
(c) ominously 
(d) plaintive
Ans- d

10.As the market becomes ___________ competitive, some companies will make larger and larger profits. 
(a) well 
(b) good 
(c) more 
(d) fully 
Ans- c


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