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GA And Computer Questions Asked In Delhi Police Constable Exam : All Shifts | 500 + Questions With Solution

What are the questions asked in the Delhi Police Constable exam from the Computer & GA section? Staff Selection Commission is conducting the Delhi Police examination for selecting the eligible candidates for the recruitment of constable. SSCADDA has already provided the analysis for the Delhi Police Constable Exam but what are the questions asked in the exam? Aspirants who are yet to appear in the upcoming shifts must be looking forward to getting acquainted with the questions as that will help them in knowing the type of questions to be asked by the SSC. Today here we are providing you with questions and solutions asked in the general knowledge and computer section of Delhi Police Constable Exam 2020.

Q.Who was the president of India from 2012-2017?
Sol. Pranab Mukherjee

Q.Banawali is located at?
Sol. Hisar , Haryana

Q.Ancient name of Ujjain?

Q.Capital of Mauryan Dynasty?
Sol. Pataliputra ( Present Day – Patna Bihar)

Q. Color of 10 RS note?
Sol. Chocolate Brown

Q.Which of the following Disease is not contagious?
Sol. Epilepsy was an option

Q.Minimun Required balance for checkbook holder in post office bank?
Sol. Rs 500

Q.Mann ki Baat is hosted by?
Sol. PM Narendra Modi

Q.Michael Hussey was____in Chennai Super Kings?
Sol. Batting Coach

Q.Gagan Narang got an Olympics bronze medal in?
Sol. 2012

Q.Pous Sankranti Fair organized on the bank of which river?
Sol. Gomti

Q.Headquarter of RBI Before 1937?
Sol. Kolkata

Q.Full Form Of NEFT?
Sol. National Electronic Funds Transfer

Q.Which of the following Player is associated with chess?
Sol. Divya Deshmukh was in option

Q.Majoli Island is in which river?
Sol. Brahmaputra

Q.Tapti River Flows in?

Q.President of National School of Drama?
Sol. Paresh Rawal

Q. Question Related to Gandhi Irwin’s pact?

Q.Question Related to 1st Anglo Mysore Battle?

Q.ICC ODI 2019 Player of the year award?
Sol. Rohit Sharma

Q.First Mugal Ruler?
Sol. Babar

Q.Prim Minister of Ireland?
Sol. Micheal Martin

Q.Namdroling Monastery is at?
Sol. Mysore , Karnataka

Q.Rate of CRR?
Sol. 3%

Q.Question Related to Article 360?

Q.India’s Top trading Partner in 2019-20?
Sol. US

Q.Jawaharlal Nehru Port?
Sol. Maharashtra

Q.Rukmini Devi Arundale is related to which dance form?
Sol. Bharatnatyam

Q.Question related to Vivekananda Yoga University?

Q.ClearWalk app is launched by?
Sol. Wipro

Q.Chairman Of nation human rights commission?
Sol. HL Dattu

Q.What is the default file extension for documents created via Word 2010?

Q.Founder of Swaraj Party?
Sol. Chittaranjan Das, Motilal Nehru

Q. 2nd biggest state wrt Area?
Sol. Madhya Pradesh

Q.Niti Ayog was established in?
Sol. 2015

Q.Who is known as Punjab Kesari ?
Sol.Lala Lajpat Rai

Q.Full form of BCC ?
Sol.Blind carbon copy

Q. Right to Education Article?

Q.President of Nation Stock Exchange?
Sol. Girish Candra Chaturvedi

Q.Rank of India in Ease of doing business index 2020?
Sol. 48

Q.How many players are there in Kho kho?
Sol. 9

Q. Rajiya Sultan Became the ruler of Delhi in?
Sol 1236

Q.Pachpadra lake is in which state?
Sol. Rajasthan

Q.How was the CEO of HDFC bank up to 31st August 2020?
Sol. Aditya Puri

Q.Question Related to 44th Constitutional Amendment?

Q.Rank of India in World Competitiveness Index.?
Sol. 43

Q.Author of How to Avoid a Climate Disaster: The Solutions We Have and the Breakthroughs We Need?
Sol. Bill Gates

Q.Meander word is related to?
Sol. Meander is where a river or stream make a bend or curve

Q.Shortcut to create a new document in MS Word?
Sol. Ctrl + N

Q. Full Form of URL?
Sol. Uniform Resource Locator

Q.When did Bengal Partition is revoked?
Sol. In 1911

Q.When did Gandhi Ji did a Called-in protest Against Rowlett Act?
Sol. 1919

Q. How Many committee was formed to make the Indian Constitution?
Sol. 13

Q.Who Presented Uddeshya Prastav in Constitutional Assembly?
Sol. Presented On 13th December 1946 By Javahar Lal Nehru

Q. According to which article Delhi NCR is a National Capital Area?
Sol. Article 239AA

Q.Nuakhai Festival is of which State?
Sol. Odisha And Chattisgarh

Q.Who is the chairman of SBI Bank?
Sol. Dinesh Kumar Khara

Q. When Did SEBI is founded?
Sol. 12th April 1988

Q. Who was the founder of the Lodhi Dynasty?
Sol. Behlal Lodhi

Q. Ian Bell plays cricket for which Country?
Sol. UK

Q.Largest River Of Nepal?
Sol. Saptakoshi

Q. First women lieutenant General of the Indian Army?
Sol. Punita Arora

Q. Headquarter of FIFA is at?
Sol. Zurich , Switzerland

Q.Bara Imambara is in which state?
Sol. Uttar Pradesh

Q.Who was the president of the Muslim League in 1930?

Q.Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte is the capital of?
Sol. Srilanka

Q. Which of the following Dieses happens because of virus?
Sol. Polio was an option

Q. Which of the following is called Brown Coal?

Q. What is the full form of AIIB?
Sol.Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Q.Formula of Laughing Gas?
Sol. N2O

Q. Lomas Rishi Cave is in?
Sol. Bihar

Q. Dhyanchand is related to which game?
Sol. Hockey

Q. Who is the first Indian woman to go to MOON?
Sol.Kalpana Chawla

Q.Author of the In Custody?
Sol. Anita Desai

Q.Close the Active tab in Chrome?
Sol. CTRL + W

Q. Bold Italic and Underline Tab come under which tab?
So. Home Tab

Q.Collection of Webpages is called?
Sol. Website

Q.Full Form Of COBOL?
Sol. Common Business Oriented Language

Q.Nagarhole National Park is in which state?
Sol. Mysore, Karnataka

Q.Which President of Britain Started Communal Award 1932?
Sol. Ramsay Macdonald

Q.Pravasi Rojgar App is launched by?
Sol. Sonu Sood

Q. Who is the Chief Minister of Nagaland?
Sol. Neiphiu Rio

Q.Question Related to Taxonomy?

Q.Author of the Book You Can Win?
Sol. Shiv Khera

Q.Which of the following is not Build By Shajahan?
Sol. Humayu Ka Makbara

Q. First Session Of Congress was organized in?
Sol. Bombay

Q. Man Of the match of World Cup 1983?
Sol. Mohinder Amarnath

Q.Winner of 2019 Noble Prize in Literature?
Sol. Peter Handke

Q.Question Related to Consumer Price Index?

Q. Attorney General is Appointed by?
Sol. President on the advice of the government

Q.Steffi Graf is associated with which country?
Sol. Germany

Q. Number of atoms in methane?
Sol. 5

Q. Author of Madhushala?
Sol. Harivansh Rai Bachchan

Q.Mariana Trench is at?

Q.Which of the following port is in Gujarat?

Q.Minimum Font Size in MS Excel?
Sol. 1

Q.Shortcut for Replace and find in MS Word?
Sol. Ctrl + H

Q.Full form of FTP?
Sol File Transfer Protocol

Q. Use of Shift + Enter in MS- Excel?
Sol. Move Cursor in Upper Row Active Cell

Q.Question Related to 61st Constitutional Amendment?

Q. Rohtas fort is located in ?
Sol. Pakistan build Raja Todar Mal on orders of Sher Shah Suri

Q. First ever floating National Park?
Sol. Manipur

Q. Baichung Stadium is located in?
Sol. Sikkim

Q. Which of the following is not part of RBI Monetary Policy?

Q. First Governor to take oath in Konkan Language is?
Sol. Bhagat Singh Koshyari

Q. Vini Mahajan Becomes the first Woman Chief Secretary of Which State?
Sol. Punjab

Q. Question related to Bagurumba Dance ?

Q. Which of the following is a wrong statement about clay soil?

Q. Which of the following is a wrong statement about ozone layer?

Q. Which of the following is not a payments bank?

Q. Adichanallur is an archaeological site is in which state?
Sol. Tamilnadu

Q. Who founded Fort Williams College?
Sol. Lord Wellesley

Q. Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaan is related to which game?
Sol. Chess

Q. Coach of 2019 Mumbai Indians IPL team?
Sol. Mahela Jayawardene

Q. Study Of rocks is called?
Sol. Petrology

Q. Ficus Religiosa is the scientific name of?
Sol. Pipal

Q. Protocol used in emails?

Q. How many bits in IPv4?
Sol. 32 bits

Q. Who won Women Australian Open 2020?
Sol. Sofia Kenin

Q. Who is the captain of Australia Test Team?
Sol. Tim Paine

Q. World’s Youngest prime minister?
Sol. Sanna Marin

Q. When did Fasal Bima Yojna started?
Sol. 13 Jan 2016

Q. Ctrl+V =?
Sol. Paste

Q. Who is famous by Name “Simanth Gandhi”?
Sol. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

Q. Who was the president of Congress Adhiveshan 1938?
Sol. Subhash Chandra Bose

Q. How many fundamental rights are present in Indian Constitution?
Sol. 11

Q. Khanva Fight was held in which year?
Sol. 16 March 1527

Q. Reign period of Aurangzeb?
Sol. 31 July 1658- 3 March 1707

Q. What are the minimum number of rows & columns in Ms. Word table?
Sol. 1,1

Q. Ranjana Gauhar is related to which Dance form?
Sol. Odissi

Q. Who is the advisor to the Executive director of IMF?
Sol. Simanchala Dash

Q. Who gave the name “The flying Sikh” to Milka singh?
Sol. Ayub Khan

Q. FIFA World Cup 2026 will be held in which country?

Q. Which of the following state did not touch the boundary of Telangana?

Q. Dumhal Dance related to which state?
Sol. Jammu & Kashmir

Q. Gol Gumbad is situated in which state?
Sol. Bijapur, Karnataka

Q. Who is the writer of “We are Displaced”?
Sol. Malala Yousafzai

Q. Who won Booker Prize in 2019?
Sol. The Testaments – Margaret Atwood

Q. National Potato Research Centre is located at?
Sol. Shimla

Q. Singur Dam is on which river?
Sol. Manjira river – Telangana

Q. Lowest gender ratio is of which state according to Census 2011?
Sol. Haryana ( 879)

Q. Who decides MSP?
Sol. Based on the recommendations of the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices, the Department of Agriculture and Co-operation, Government of India, declares Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for 22 crops before their sowing seasons

Q. National Game of UK?
Sol. Cricket

Q. Battle of Kannauj was fought in?
Sol. 1540

Q. Onam is celebrated in which state
Sol. Kerala

Q. Part 15 of the Indian Constitution is related to?
Sol. Elections

Q. Diseases because of deficiency of Iodine?
Sol. Goiter

Q. When did RBI Nationalized?
Sol. 1st Jan 1949

Q. President of Mauritius?
Sol. Prithvirajsing Roopun

Q. Founder of All India Forward Bloc
Sol. Subhas Chandra Bose

Q. Shimron Hetmyer plays cricket with which country?
Sol. West Indies

Q. Author of One Arranged Murder?
Sol. Chetan Bhagat

Q. Full form of IMAP ?
Sol. Internet Message Access Protocol

Q. World no. 3 highest wicket taker in test cricket?
Sol. Anil Kumble

Q. Lactometer works on the principle of?
Sol. Archimede’s Principle

Q. Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha?
Sol. Harivansh Narayan Singh

Q. Author of We Are Displaced?
Sol. Malala Yousafzai

Q. Which of the following did not received Dronacharya Award?

Q. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan Awardee Monika Batra is associated with which game?
Sol. Table Tennis

Q. Constitutional Amendment for GST?
Sol. 101st Constitutional Amendment

Q. Ctrl + J is shortcut for?
Sol. Justify a Paragraph

Q. Author of Close to the Bone : A memoir?
Sol. Lisa Ray

Q. Symbol of Silver?
Sol. Ag

Q. Parsec is the unit of?
Sol. Unit of length used to measure the large distances to astronomical objects outside the solar system

Q. Adhai din ka jhonpra is situated in?
Sol. Ajmer Rajasthan

Q. Loksabha Seats in delhi?
Sol. 7

Q. A Passage to India author?
Sol. E M Forster

Q. Which of the following crop is best for black soil?
Sol. Cotton

Q. Which of the following acid is found in grapes?
Sol. Malic And Tartaric

Q. When was FCI established?
Sol. 1965

Q. Full form of UNCITRAL?
Sol. United Nations Commission on International Trade Law

Q. Maximum Default font size in MS – Word?
Sol. 72
Q. Who was the first Field Marshal Of India?
Sol. Sam Manekshaw

Q. To invest in share market which of the following account is required?
Sol. Demat Account

Q. Area where river meets the sea is called?
Sol. Estuary

Q. Which of the following is a Para Athlete?
Sol. Deepa Malik

Q. Ctrl + O in MS – Word?
Sol. Open the dialog box

Q. Full form of IP?
Sol. Internet Protocol

Q.TCP/IP stands for?
Sol. Transmission Contol Protocol/Internet Protocol

Q.Function of shortcut Ctrl + M
Sol. indents the paragraph from the left

Q. Shortcut to align text or line in the center?
Sol. Ctrl + E

Q.Shorcut key for copy?
Sol. Ctrl + C

Q.Use of F2 function key?
Sol. Rename the selected item

Q.Use of Ctrl + enter in MS – Word?
Sol. To Insert a page break

Q. India’s first garbage cafe is in which state?
Sol. Chattisgarh

Q.IPL 2020 is organized in which country?
Sol. UAE
Q.Author of the book Inheritance of Loss?
Sol. Kiran Desai

Q.Banas river flows in which state?
Sol. Rajasthan

Q.Home Secretariat of UK?
Sol. Priti Sushil Patel Sushil Patel

Q.Question Related to MSP of Wheat?

Q.Question Related to Kalbeliya Dance?

Q.How many Indians are awarded by Pulitzer Prize?
Sol. three Indian photojournalists were awarded the 2020 Pulitzer Prize in the field of feature photography Tuesday. Dar Yasin, Mukhtar Khan, and Channi Anand were given the prestigious award for capturing life in Kashmir after the scrapping of Article 370

Q.Question Related to River Vaigai?

Q.Question Related to Vasectomy?

Q.Chemical formula of baking soda?

Q.Modhera Dance Festival is of which State?
Sol. Gujrat

Q.Kakrapar Irrigation Project is on which river?
Sol. Tapti

Q.Demonetisation happened in which year?
Sol. 8th November 2016

Q.Number of digits in PAN card?
Sol. 10

Q.Rank of India in Human Development Index?

Q.Which of the following traveler came to India in the 14th century?
Sol. Ibn Battuta was a Moroccan scholar and traveler who had visited the court of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq in the fourteenth century

Q. Full form of POP in the computer?
So. Post office protocol

Q. Freedom fighter Kanaklata Barua belongs to which state?
Sol. Assam

Q. Siang River festival is of which state?
Sol. Arunachal Pradesh

Q. International Water Day
Sol. 22nd March

Q. Where is the coromandel plain located
Sol. In South of India

Q. Which of the following is not a color of the Olympic Ring?
Sol. Colors in Olympic Flag Ring – Blue , Yellow , Black , Green And Red

Q. Pang lhabsol festival is celebrated in?
Sol. Sikkim

Q. Bullets Points comes under?
Sol. Hoe Tab In Paragraph Section

Q. Which of the following bar is located in the right side of MS Word window?
Sol. Vertical Scroll Bar

Q. In 1658 , Jhangir fought a battle among side the bank of which river?
Sol. Chambal

Q. Sakshi Malik is associated with which game?
Sol. Freestyle Wrestling

Q. Ujjain is located at the bank of which river?
Sol. Kshipra River

Q. Tiger Woods is associated with which game?
Sol. Golf

Q. Mandovi River flows in which state?
Sol. Goa

Q.Which Indian film is nominated in 92nd Academy Awards 2019?
Sol. Gully Boy

Q. First Bharat Ratan Award is awarded to?
Sol. C. Rajagopalachari

Q. Question Related to Qualification for Attorney General Of India?

Q. How many players are there in a Kabaddi game?
Sol. 7

Q. Chairman of 15th Financial Commission?
Sol. Sh N K Singh

Q. On which of the following GST is not Applied?
Sol. Petroleum Products , Alcoholic Drinks And Electricity

Q. Question Related to 61st Constitutional Amendment?

Q. Shortcut to Switch between all open applications in the taskbar?
Sol. ALT + TAB

Q. Question related to article 326?

Q. Talikota battle happened in which year?
Sol. 1565

Q. In 16th Century , which king distributed silver coins and named them rupiya?
Sol. Sher Shah Suri

Q. Who was the king when Ibn Battuta came to India ?
Sol. Muhammad bin Tughluq

Q. Raja Sagar Dam is on which river?
Sol. Kaveri

Q. Ananthagiri Hills is located in which state?
Sol. Telangana

Q. Which of the following is a true statement about Gases?

Q. SI unit of temperature?
Sol. Kelvin

Q. Who gave the Theory of Relativity?
Sol. Albert Einstein

Q. Question Related to Article 312?

Q. Sharhul dance is of Which state?
Sol. Jharkhand

Q. Zoram Mega Food Park is in which state?
Sol. Mizoram

Q. 2018 Common Wealth Games was organized in which Country?
Sol. Australia

Q. Higest Tax in GST?
Sol. 28 %

Q. Who is the chairman of TRAI?
Sol. PD Vaghela

Q. The ADB has appointed ____________as Vice-President for Private Sector Operations and Public-Private Partnerships.
Sol. Ashok Lavasa

Q. kanha national park is in which state?
Sol. Madhya Pradesh

Q. kolleru lake is in which state?
Sol. Andhra Pradesh

Q. Optical Fiber works on which Principle?
Sol. Total Internal Reflection

Q. First Governor-General of India?
Sol. Lord William Bentinck

Q. Which of the following is not a Search Engine?

Q. Shortcut for Save As?
Sol. F12

Q. Shortcut to open new incognito tab in chrome?
Sol. Ctrl + Shift + N

Q.Author of RAW: A History of India’s Covert Operations?
Sol. Yatish yadav

Q.Author of The Discomfort of Evening?
Sol.Marieke Lucas Rijneveld

Q. Dafla Hills is located in?
Sol. Assam

Q.With which of the following wesst bangal does not share boundary?
Sol. Meghalaya

Q.Barabar caves are located in?
Sol. Bihar

Q.In how many parts did Abul Fazal divide the book Akbarnama?
Sol. 3 parts

Q.When did East India Company Abolished?
Sol. 1874

Q. According to budget how much tax will income range 5 Lakh to 7.5 Lakh atracts?
Sol 10 %

Q.Alexander Zverev belongs to which country?
Sol. Germany

Q.Right to education article?
Sol. Article 21A

Q. Which amandemnet is called mini constitution?
Sol. 42nd Amendment

Q.GV Raja Sport Award is given by which state?
Sol. Kerla

Q.Zanskar Riveris the tributary of?
Sol. Sindhu River

Q.Chief Economic Adviser to the Government of India?
Sol. Krishnamurthy Subramanian

Q. Calorie is the unit of?
Sol. Energy

Q. Which of the following is formed in small intestine?
Sol. Digestive juice

Q.Longest River of Odisha?
Sol. Mahanadi

Q. Maclodganj is situated in?
Sol. Himachal Pradesh

Q.Shortcut to paste in docuent?
Sol. Ctrl + V

Q.Protocol to transfer files on internet?
Sol. File Tranfer Protocol (FTP)

Q.Which of the following is not a email service provider?
Sol.Colwall was in option

Q.Subscript shortcut?
Sol Ctrl + =

Q.Smallest Union teretory with respect to area?

Q.Which of the following is not a East Flowing river?

Q.Who was the congress president at the time of Independence?
Sol.J. B. Kripalani

Q. Founder of WWW?
Sol Tim Berners Lee

Q.Winner of mens single US open 2020?
Sol. Dominic Thiem

Q.Vaporization is?

Q. National Sports day is celebrated on?
Sol. 29th August

Q. Foreign Secretary Of India?
Sol. Harsh Vardhan Shringla

Q.Article 300A is related to?

Q.How many cells are there between A1 to C5?

Q. In 1192 , a war happened between Prithviraj Chauchan and ?
Sol. Mohamad Gori

Q.Protium, deuterium, and tritium are isotopes of?
Sol. Hydrogen

Q.Which of the following is in State List?
Sol. Markets and Fairs

Q.% of area of India with respect to world?
Sol. 2.4%

Q.Maxium Number of national Parks in India are in which state?
Sol. Madhya Pradesh

Q.Salar Jung Museum is in which city?
Sol. Hydrabad

Q.Who became 7th Bowler to take 500 wickets in test?
Sol. Stuart Broad

Q.Who is MD & CEO of NALCO?
Sol. Sidhar Patra

Q.President of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly ?
Sol.Volkan Bozkır

Q.Gotipua Dance is of Which State?

Q.Who was the Governor General Of India At the time of Indepandence?
Sol. Lord Mountbatten

Q.Dieases because of deficency of Protien?
Sol. Kwashiorkor & Marasmus

Q.SI Unit of Heat Capacity?
Sol.J kg−1 K−1

Q.Shortcut key to open downloaded file in Google chrome?
Sol. Ctrl + j

Q.Vishu festival is celebrated in which state?
Sol. Kerala

Q.thirumalai nayakar mahal is situated in?
Sol. Tamilnadu

Q.Full form of IBEF?
Sol.Indian Brand Equity Foundation

Q.Number of public sector banks as on Sept 2020?
Sol. 12

Q.Mari Kom is associated with which game?
Sol. Boxing

Q.Monetary Policy is handled by?
Sol. RBI

Q.Author of The God Of Small Things?
Sol. Arundhati Roy

Q.When did Crips Mission came to India?
Sol. March 1942

Q.Which dynasty build Gogulkund Durg?
Sol. Qutb Shahi Dynasty

Q.Ashoka belonged to which dynasty?
Sol. Maurya Dynasty

Q.Question related to CRR?

Q.1st Constitutional Amendment was done in which year?
Sol. 1951

Q.Nallamala Hills is in which state?
Sol. Andhra Pradesh

Q.Dudhaganga is tributary of?
Sol. Krishna River

Q.Garbha Dance is of which state?
Sol. Gujrat

Q.Article 35 is in which part of Indian Constitution?
Sol. Part 3

Q.Which river originates from Amarkantak?
Sol Narmada River

Q.Brand Ammbassader of UPI – BharatPe?
Sol. Salman Khan

Q.Which of the following award is given to coaches?
Sol. Dronacharya Award

Q.Kareena Kapooris the Brand Ambassador of which company?
Sol. Puma

Q.Author of Ramcharamanas?
Sol. Tulsidas

Q.Losar Festival is Famous in?
Sol Tibet , Nepal, Bhutan

Q.India’s first ever Oscar winner, costume designer?
Sol. Bhanu Athiaiya

Q.The highest peak of South India is?
Sol. Anamudi

Q.Author of book The testaments
Sol. Margaret Atwood

Q.CFC effects what?
Sol. Ozone

Q.Lightest Gas in environment?
Sol. Hydrogen

Q.First Female officer to lead Republic day Parade?
Sol. Captain Tanya Shergill

Q.SMTP full form?
Sol. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Q. When did NDPS Act applied?
Sol. 1985

Q. Husband of Rani Laxmibai?
Sol. Gangadhar Rao

Q.Question Related to Sanchi Satup?

Q. In which of the following country did Sharda River flows?
Sol. Nepal

Q.Ousteri Lake is loacted in which state?
Sol. Puducherry

Q. Father of modern chemistry?
Sol. Albert Einstein

Q. Dhangar Dance is of which state?
Sol. Goa

Q. Cham Mask Dance is related to which state?
Sol. Sikkim And Ladhak

Q.Which of the following is a Kharif Crop?
Sol. Jute was in option

Q.During Mauryan Period , the person who collected tax was called?

Q.Brandambassador of eBikeGO
Sol. Harbhajan Singh

Q.David John Capel is related to which game?
Sol. Cricket

Q.Full Form Of RTGS?
Sol. Real Time Gross Settlement

Q.Amer Fort is in which state?
Sol. Rajasthan

Q.Full form of NITI in Niti Ayog?
Sol. National Institution For Transforming India

Q.Full formm of SNTP?
Sol. Simple Network Time Protocol

Q.Deputy Governor of RBI?
Sol.Shri M. Rajeshwar Rao

Q.Which day is celebrated on 5th September?
Sol. Teachers Day

Q.Captian of Chennai Superkings?
Sol. MS Dhoni

Q. International Kite Festival is celebrated in?
Sol. Ahamdabad

Q.How much time constitutional assembly took to write constitution?
Sol. 2 years 11 months 17 days

Q.Top state in Ease of Doing Business Ranking 2020?
Sol. Andhrapradesh

Q. Most densely populated state according to Census 2011?
Sol. Bihar

Q. First International Day Of Clean Air for Blue Skies is celebrated on?
Sol. 7th September 2020

Q. Vishesh Bhirguvanshi is associated with which sport?
Sol. Basketball

Q.first woman to be elevated to the rank of Lieutenant General in the Indian Army.
Sol. Punita Arora

Q. Question related to Atal Bhujall Yojna?

Q.Rajya Sabha seats form Jharkand?
Sol. 6

Q.Petrology is the branch of geology that studies?
Sol. rocks and the conditions under which they form

Q.Author of Natya Shastra?
Sol. Bharata Muni

Q.Book Launched by Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane?
Sol.National Security Challenges: Young Scholars’ Perspective”

Q. Sura River flows in?
Sol. Bangladesh

Q. Who determines the Salary and allowances of Parliament Member according to arcle 106?
Sol. Determined By parliament by law

Q. Which of the following is a main crop of South India?
Sol. Coffee

Q. CIBIL is related to which of the following?
Sol. Credit History

Q. By whom is the lack of liquidity in India replenished?
Sol. RBI

Q. Bewar , Dahiya And Podu are types of which of the following?
Sol. Agricultural methods

Q. Which of the following is not awarded by Raman Magassy?
Sol. Prashant Bhusan

Q. Which of the following beach is on the Arabian Sea coast?
Sol. RadhaSagar Beach

Q. Who will benefit from the PM Svanidhi Scheme?
Sol. Street Vendors

Q. Which of the following is not a rabi crop?
Sol. Cotton in option

Q. What are the products of aerobic respiration in yeast?
Sol. Converts glucose and oxygen into carbon dioxide and ATP

Q. At what rate, RBI Gives loans to Commercial Banks?
Sol. Repo Rate

Q. How many default worksheets are there in MS – Excel?
Sol. 3 Sheets

Q. According to RBI Indian Economy will contract by how much in the year 2020-21?
Sol. 9.5 %

Q. 29th Saraswati Samman is given to Vashudev Mohi in which language?
Sol. Shindhi

Q. Which Year Simmon Commission Came to India?
Sol. 3rd Feb 1928

Q. Recently, which of the following Indian Footballer passed away?
Ans Chuni Gosawami

Q. Gram Panchayat are formed according to which article?
Sol. Article 40

Q. Chitrakote Falls is in which state?
Sol. Chattisgarh

Q. Which of the following Country will host AIBA World Boxing Championships?
Sol. Serbia

Q. After an emergency in 1993, who became the CM of Delhi?
Sol. Madan Lal Khurana

Q. Dhamek stupa is located at?
Sol. Varanasi

Q. Author of Varna Parichay?
Sol. Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar

Q. Magnus Carlsen Belongs to which country?
Sol. Norway

Q. Madai Festival is celebrated in which state?
Sol. Chattisgarh

Q. Pawl Kut Festival is celebrated in which state?
Sol. Mizoram

Q. Chori Chora case happened in which Province?

Q. Article 129 is related to?

Q. Which inscription mentions the repair of Sudarshan lake?
Sol. Inscription of King SakandGupt

Q. 2nd Vice president of India?
Sol. Zakir Husain

Q. Which of the following is responsible for body growth?
Sol. Pituitary Gland

Q. 2nd Ranking team in ICC Test Ranking?
Sol. Newlezand

Q. Formula to find REAL GDP?
Sol. Dividing nominal GDP by GDP Deflator

Q. When did Moderates And Extremists combined forces?
Sol. 1916

Q. August’s proposal came to India at the time of which governor?

Q. Yemshe Harvest Festival is celebrated in which state?
Sol. Nagaland.

Q. Debesh Roy belongs to?
Sol. Pabna

Q. UN Military Gender Award 2019 is given to whom?
Sol. Major Suman Gavane

Q. Alexander Dalrymple Award 2019 is given by which country?
Sol. UK

Q. Animal with 2 chamber heart?
Sol. Fish

Q. Who was the governor-general of India in 1922?

Q. Which animal is used to produce fiber?

Q. Who was the Defence Minister in 1946 Interim Government?
Sol. Baldev Singh

Q. Where is Daimabad Ancient City located?
Sol. Maharashtra

Q. In MS Word 36 font size is equal to how many inches?
Sol. 0.5 inch

Q. Match the following
1) Internet Explorer – Microsoft
2) SeaMonkey – Mozilla Firefox
3) Safari -Apple

Q. Match the following with their functions in MS Excel – Tab, enter , Shift + Tab.
Sol. Tab – Moves the cell pointer to the next cell.
Enter – Moves to cell below the one in which you entered the information
Shift + Tab – moves the cell pointer to the previous cell.

Q. What is Provided by ISP’s?
Sol. Internet Services

Q. Which of the following command is not in the menu of MS – Word?
Sol. Internet was in option

Q. First Kishan rail is inaugurated in India in?
Sol. 7th August 2020

Q. In which Economic Survey Thalinomics is added?
Sol. Economic Survey 2019-20

Q. Grahamm Reid is the Coach of Which Indian team?
Ans Indian Men’s National Field Hockey Team

Q. Digha Nikaya is related to which religion?
Sol. Budisham

Q. Apiculture is related to?
Sol. Honey Bees

Q. Author of Maalgudi ki Kahaniyan
Sol. R.K Narayan

Q. MAhapadman Nand is the king of which Region?
Sol. Was the first king of India

Q. Vesar Shalli is related to?

Q. The festival of Tripura which is related to animals is?

Q. Gullbenkian Prize for humanity 2020 is given to whom?

Q. Food chain third level?

Q. Inamgaon is located on the bank of which river?
Sol. Ghod River

Q. What is the population growth rate in India from 2001 to 2011?
Sol. 17.6%

Q. When did the Muslim Women(Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, Has been applied?
Sol. 31st July 2019

Q. Which of the following thorned himself as king after killing his father and brother?
Sol. Harshvardhan

Q. Prayag Prasasti was an article by the court poet of Emperor Samudragupta of the Gupta dynasty ——-?
Sol. Harisean

Q. Question Related to Sodium Bicarbonate?

Q. The disciple is a 2020 drama film?

Q. Kaveri river flows from which the following states?
Ans Karnataka & Tamilnadu

Q. who was the president of the Advisory committee on fundamental rights, minorities, tribal, and excluded areas?
Sol. Vallabhbhai Patel.

Q. Which of the following ancient towns is not in Gujrat?

Q. Which of the following key is used to edit a Cell in MS – Excel?
Sol. F2

Q. Who was awarded with Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratan Award?
Sol. Rohit Sharma

Q. MSP of sugarcane?
Sol. 285 per Quintal

Q. Which of the following is a folk dance of Haryana?
Sol. Jhumar Fag Dhaal Loor Gugga , Khor , Jaghor,

Q. Which of the following is a wrong statement about RBI?
(A) Founded in 1935
(B) RBI served as the central bank of Pakistan Upto 1948
(C) Nationalised on 1st Jan 1949

Q. Question related to Indian Super League?

Q. Title sponsor of Indian Premier League 2020?
Sol. Dream 11

Q.Full form of HTTPS?
Sol. Hypertext Transfer Protocol

Q.Key used to select all in MS – Word?
Sol. Ctrl + A

Q. Which of the following is also called pink city?

Q. Makbara of Jhangir is situated at?
Sol. Lahore

Q.Time of 11th 5-year plans was?
Sol. 2007 – 2012

Q.Time allocated to one match of a football game?
Sol. 90 Minutes

Q.Agrasen Ki bavali is located at?
Sol. Delhi

Q.Mission Indradhanush is related to?
Sol. Vaccination for Children

Q. Meander Term is related to which type in geography?

Q. Shanti Svaroop Bhatnagar Award 2020 related question?

Q.Diease Jika Virus happens bite of which mosquito?
Sol. Aldiz Mosquito

Q.Question related to Bangar and Khadar?

Q. National Rural Health Mission is started on?
Sol. 12th April 2005

Q.Vayas Award is given in which language?
Sol. Hindi

Q.When did the 3rd Buddhist Council organized?
Sol. 255 BC

Q.How many times did India reached the ICC World Cup semifinals?
Sol. 4 times

Q. What is the full form of CC in email?
Sol. Carbon Copy

Q.The dance figure found in Mohenjodaro is made of which metal?
Sol. Bronze

Q.Pran Mukherjee has been the chief minister of which number?
Sol. 13th President Of India

Q.India’s rank in Global Innovative index 2020?
Sol. 48th

Q.Parliament is mentioned in which part of Indian constitution?
Sol. Part 5

Q. Question Related to Shirkey style?
Sol. Jonpur

Q.A photoelectric cell converts?
Sol. Light Energy Into Electical energy

Q.Yono app is of which bank?
Sol. SBI

Q. Who is the current Chief Election Commissioner of India?
Sol. Rajiv Kumar

Q. Which of the following is not built during Tuglak Rule?
Sol. Jama masjid

Q. When did National Human Rights Commission established?
Sol. NHRC was established on 12th October 1993

Q. Author of The Shadow Lines?
Sol. Amitav Ghosh

Q. Which of the following book is not written by Mahatma Gandhi?

Q. Which of the following is not a Rajya Sabha Member?

Q. Reason behind Swadeshi Movement?

Q. During Akbar era word Polaj is related to?

Q. Which of the following is not a search engine?
Sol. Safari was in option

Q. Disease related to the kidney?

Q. When did Commonwealth games organized in India?
Sol. 2010

Q. Which team won 1st IPL tournament?
Sol. Rajasthan Royals

Q. 2022 Commonwealth Games will be organized in which country?
Sol. England

Q. According to Census 2011 which of the following state is least populated?
Sol. Sikkim

Q. Which country will host 2024 Summer Olympics?
Sol. Paris , France

Q. Question related to Dan David Prize?

Q. First Musician ever to be awarded the Bharat Rattan?

Q. In which year Forex Reserve of India Reached above 400 Billion dollars?
Sol. 2018

Q. SI unit of energy?
Sol. Joule

Q. Where is Kamakhya Mandir situated?
Sol. Assam

Q. GST in India Applied in which year?
Sol. 2017

Q. Author of Overdraft: Saving the Indian Saver?
Sol. Urjit Patel

Q. Kamalkari Panting is of which state?
Sol. Andhra Pradesh

Q. Indonesia shares the longest boundary with which country?
Sol. Bangladesh

Q. In July 2020 who was the 6th richest person in the world?
Sol. Mukesh Ambani

Q. Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojna insures how much amount?
Sol. 2 Lakh

Q. Who was the founder of Din – e- illahi?
Sol. Akbar

Q. Deficiency of Sodium affects?
Sol. Blood Pressure

Q. Which of the following statement is true about Vidhan Parisad?

Q. Winner of 2020 Australian Open – Women’s Singles is?
Sol. Sofia Kenin

Q. From where Gandhiji Started Dandi March?
Sol. Ahmadabad

Q. APSTAR – 6D Satellite is launched by which country?
Sol. China

Q. Who was the founder of Gurumukhi Lippi?
Sol. Guru Angad

Q. With which dance for Sobha Naidu is associated?
Sol. Kuchipudi

Q. Capital of Qatar?
Sol. Doha

Q. What happens in Condensation?

Q. Which of the following dynasties is not from South India?
Sol. Chuahan Dynasty was in option

Q. Who was the founder of the Swaraj party apart from Motilal Nehru?
Sol. Chittaranjan Das

Q. Which of the following is an example of Zaid Crop?

Q. Number of Judges in Supreme Court?

Q. Highest Number of Rajya Sabha seats are form which state?
Sol. Uttar Pradesh 31

Q. Oldest High Court of India?
Sol. Calcutta High Court

Q. founder of Banaras Hindu University?
Sol. Madan Mohan Malaviya

Q. Which of the following states have highest per capita income?
Sol. Goa

Q. Playing It My Way is the Autobiography of ?
Sol. Sachin Tendulkar

Q. Short Cut Key to Delete Cell In Excel Sheet?
Sol. Ctrl + -(Subtract Symbol)

Q. Question Related to Font size in MS – Word?

Q. Full Form of MODEM?
Sol. Modulator – Demodulator


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