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Mix Quiz for Railway and SSC CGL ,SSC CPO,SSC CHSL

Dear Students, we are providing you Mix Quiz for SSC CGL 2016 ,Railways, SSC CHSl,SSC CPO.
Mix Quiz for Railway and SSC CGL ,SSC CPO,SSC CHSL_40.1

Directions (1 – 2)  : Select the one which is different from the order three.

1.(a) Bokaro
(b) Jamshedpur
(c) Bhilai
(d) Agra

Answer.   D

2.(a) Bible
(b) Panchsheel
(c) Geeta
(d) Quran

Answer2.       B

B, C, D and E are sitting on a bench, A is sitting next to B, C is
sitting next to D, D is not sitting with E who is on the left end of the
bench. C is on the second position from the right. A is to the right of
B and E. A and C are sitting together. In which position A is sitting?

(a) Between B and D
(b) Between B and C
(c) Between E and D
(d) Between C and E

Answer:  (b)
Correct series


4.In a certain code language DROWN is written as MXNSC. How to BREAK in that code?

Mix Quiz for Railway and SSC CGL ,SSC CPO,SSC CHSL_50.1

5.The National Police Academy at Hyderabad is named after which of the following personalities ?
(a) Jawaharlal Nehru
(b) Mahatma Gandhi
(c) Lal Bahadur Shastri
(d) Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel

Answer. D

6.In which country of the world, the largest Buddhist temple is located ?
(a) Japan
(b) Indonesia
(c) China
(d) India

Answer.    B

7.Which one of the following days is observed as the World Environment Day ?
(a) 28th February
(b) 4th March
(c) 5th June
(d) 16th September

Answer.  C

1857, who of the following announced, at a Darbar at Allahabad, the
assumption of the Government of India by the Sovereign of Great Britain ?

(a) Lord Canning
(b) Sir John Lawrence
(c)  Lord Mayo
(d) Lord Northbrook

Answer.    A

9.The least number of five digits which has 123 as a factor is :
(a) 10037
(b) 10086
(c) 10081
(d) 10063

Smallest 5 digit number = 10000

When 10000
is divided by 123, remainder = 37

Required number = 10000 + 123 – 37

= 10086

do a certain work, B would take time thrice as long as A and C together
and C twice as long as A and B together. The three men together
complete the work in 10 days. The time taken by A complete the work
separately is :

(a) 22 days
(b) 24 days
(c) 30 days
(d) 20 days

Mix Quiz for Railway and SSC CGL ,SSC CPO,SSC CHSL_60.1

pipes A and B can fill a tank in 6 hours and 8 hours respectively. If
both the pipes are opened together, then after how many hours should B
be closed so that the tank is full in 4 hours ?

(a) 2/3
(b) 1
(c) 2
(d) 8/3

Mix Quiz for Railway and SSC CGL ,SSC CPO,SSC CHSL_70.1

vessel is filled with liquid, 3 parts of which are water and 5 parts
syrup. How much of the mixture must be drawn off and replaced with water
so that the mixture may be half water and half syrup?

(a)  1/3
(b)  1/4
(c)  1/5
(d)  1/7

Mix Quiz for Railway and SSC CGL ,SSC CPO,SSC CHSL_80.1

(13 – 16) In question, groups of four words are given. In each group,
one word is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word and make your
answer in the Answer Sheet.

13.(a) irrepairable
(b) irreparrable
(c) irreparable
(d) ireprairable

Answer.    C

14.(a) homogeneous
(b) homoganeous
(c) homageneous
(d) homogenus

Answer.   A

15.(a) genarator
(b) generator
(c) genarater
(d) genorator

Answer. B

16.(a) privilage
(b) privilege
(c) previlage
(d) previlage

Answer. B