Shudh Desi English Mock 5 for SSC CGL Exam 2017

Dear students, SSC CGL Exam 2017 Tier-1 will be held from 1st August 2017 to 20th August 2017. For your better practice in English, we are providing Shudh Desi English Mock 5, Solve this mock and check Your preparation, Analyse and know how much you need to prepare for all topics. Keep practicing.
The solution of this mock will be explained by our experienced faculties on adda247 youtube channel on the below link on 1st July, 2017 at 9:45 AM.

Directions (1-5): In each of the following questions, find out which part of the sentence has an error. If there is no mistake, the answer is ‘No error’.
Q1. Both India as well as Russia are participating in the games.
(a) Both India
(b) as well as Russia
(c) are participating in the games.
(d) No error.
Q2. Amsterdam is the largest and the most beautiful city of Europe.
(a) Amsterdam is the largest
(b) and the most beautiful city
(c) of Europe.
(d) No error.
Q3. No book in the library is as useful as this one.
(a) No book
(b) in the library is as useful
(c) as this one.
(d) No error.
Q4. This is the girl who you spoke so highly of.
(a) This is the girl who
(b) you spoke so
(c) highly of.
(d) No error.
Q5. Had you played well you would win the match.
(a) Had you played well
(b) you would win
(c) the match.
(d) No error.
Directions (6-7): In the question, four words are given in each question, out of which only one word is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word.
(a) cesation
(b) cissation
(c) cessation
(d) ceasation
(a) reminiscene
(b) reminiscence
(c) reminicence
(d) remeniscence
Directions (8-10): In the question, a part of the sentence is in BOLD. Below are given alternatives to the underlined part (1), (2), (3) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, mark your answer as (4).
Q8. Serious charges of corruption were levied for him.
(a) pull against
(b) levelled against
(c) made for
(d) No improvement
Q9. The false appearance of the building created for the function was blown away in the storm.
(a) exterior
(b) façade
(c) skeleton
(d) No improvement
Q10. His powerful desire brought about his downfall.
(a)  his intense desire
(b)  his desire for power
(c)  his fatal desire
(d)  No improvement
Directions(11-13): In the question, four alternatives are given for the meaning of the given idiom/phrase has been highlighted in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the idiom/phrase.
Q11. Ram is very calculative and always has an axe to grind.
(a) has no result
(b) works for both sides
(c) has a private agenda
(d) fails to arouse interest
Q12. The personality development class started with an ice-breaking session.
(a) having breakfast
(b) starting conversation
(c) introducing chief guest
(d) making speeches
Q13. There is no gainsaying the fact that the country is in difficulties.
(a) ignoring
(b) hiding
(c) forgetting
(d) denyingwer
Directions(14-15): Fill in the blanks with appropriate word to form a meaningful sentence.
Q14. He made my position clear …….. his face.
(a) at
(b) on
(c) upon
(d) to
Q15. There appears to be very little liaison between ……… various wings of the party.
(a) two of the
(b) the two of the
(c) of the two
(d) the two
Directions (16-16): Select a suitable word for the given sentence.
Q16. A person, an animal or a plant that lives, grows or is often found in a particular place.
(a) alien
(b) immigrant
(c) foreigner
(d) Denizen
Directions(17-18): In the following question, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word that is your answer.
Q17. Humdrum
(a) noisy
(b) intense
(c) dull
(d) hearty
Q18. Irate
(a) fuel
(b) incensed
(c) annoyed
(d) Frustrated
Directions(19-20): In the following question, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the opposite meaning of the given word.
Q19. Descent
(a) parentage
(b) sinking
(c) ascent
(d) calm
Q20. Irreverent
(a) reverent
(b) magnificent
(c) saintly
(d) sincere
Directions(21-25): Read the passage carefully and choose the best answer to each question out of the four alternatives.
In September 2011, Hindustan Times did a study in Delhi and reported that the number of malaria (and dengue) eases at the time were actually thrice as many as revealed by the city authorities. Earlier, in Mumbai, a municipal claim that 145 people died due to malaria in 2010 was exposed a lie after Praja, a city NGO, extracted figures from the municipality itself. Following an RTI petition, Praja revealed 1190 deaths. This seems to be a habit. A paper in the leading UK medical journal The Lancet, published following nationwide interviews undertaken by an international team, reveals that the number of malarial deaths all over India every year may be as high as 205,000, which is many times the World Health Organization’s figure of about 15,000, of the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme’s figure of just around 1000.
While the Lancet paper has been disputed, it is clear that there must be gross under-reporting of malarial deaths. Wouldn’t that be one of the big reasons why malaria, which is easily cured if properly treated after timely diagnosis, continues to kill so many Indians?
Q21. The Lancet is a:
(a) newspaper
(b) journal
(c) magazine
(d) medical book
Q22. The Hindustan Times found that the number of malaria cases in 2011 was
(a) exactly as the numbers revealed by the authorities
(b) half the numbers revealed by the authorities
(c) three times the numbers revealed by the authorities
(d) twice that the numbers revealed by the authorities
Q23. One of the big reasons for malarial death is
(a) under-reporting of malarial deaths
(b) untimely diagnosis
(c) lack of proper treatment
(d) over-reporting of malarial deaths
Q24. The findings of the Lancet were published after
(a) nationwide interviews were carried out
(b) proper verifications of the findings were done
(c) the international team left India
(d) international reviews of the findings were done
Q25. What is “the habit” mentioned in the passage?
(a) Conducting studies and surveys in towns and cities
(b) Exposing the authority’s incompetence
(c) Hiding the real figures of malaria cases
(d) Filing RTIs
S1. Ans.(b)
S2. Ans.(b)
S3. Ans.(a)
S4. Ans.(d)
S5. Ans.(b)
S6. Ans.(c)
S7. Ans.(b)
S8. Ans.(b) 
S9. Ans.(b) 
S10. Ans.(b) 
S11. Ans.(c) 
S12. Ans.(b)
S13. Ans.(d)
S14. Ans.(d)
S15. Ans.(a)
S16. Ans.(d)
S17. Ans.(c) 
S18. Ans.(c)
S19. Ans.(c) 
S20. Ans.(a) 
S21. Ans.(b)
S22. Ans.(c)
S23. Ans.(a)
S24. Ans.(a)
S25. Ans.(c)

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