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General Awarness Quiz for SSC CGL and Railways

Dear Readers,We are providing you a General Awareness Quiz for SSC CGL 2016 and Railways ,SSC CPO ,SSC CHSL.
All The Best!!

General Awarness Quiz for SSC CGL and Railways_40.1

1.Our Indian National Calender is based on which era?

Answer:Saka era

2.When was the design of our National Flag adopted by the Constituent of India?

Answer: July, 1947

3.What was adopted from the Maurya dynasty in the emblem of government of India?

Answer: Four lions

4.Our Indian Constitution closely follows the Constitutional system of which country?

Answer: U.K

5.When was the Constituent Assembly that framed Constitution for Independent India set up?

Answer: 1949

6.Who was the chairman of Constituent Assembly?

Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

7.When India became a Sovereign, democratic republic?

Answer:Jan 26, 1950

8.Who is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution?

Answer: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

9.In which year was the National Anthem first sung?

Answer: 1911 

10.What is the ratio of width of our National Flag to its length?

Answer: 2:3