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Indian Polity Quiz for SSC CGL 2016 & Railways Exam

Dear Readers Today we are providing you a Chapter wise Polity Quiz (Preamble) for SSc CGL, SSC CGL 2016, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL and Railways.
Indian Polity Quiz for SSC CGL 2016 & Railways Exam_40.1

1.Who adopted the Constitution of India on the 26th November, 1949? 
(a) People of India
(b) Parliament of India
(c) Representative of the people of India in Constituent Assembly
(d) Cabinet


2.Consider the following words :
(a) Socialist
(b) Democratic
(c) Sovereign
(d) Secular
Choose the response that gives the correct order in which these words occur in the Preamble.
Codes :
(i) iii, i, iv, ii
(ii) iii, iv, i, ii
(iii) iii, iv, ii, i
(iv) iv, i iii, ii


3.The Constitution is de declared to have been adopted and enacted by the 
(a) Constituent Assembly
(b) People of India
(c) Indian Parliament
(d) British


4.Which of the following emerges clearly from the preamble?
(i) When the Constitution was enacted
(ii) The ideals that were to be achieved
(iii) The system of government
(iv) The source of authority
Codes : 
(a) ii, iii and iv
(b) i, and ii
(b) i, ii and iii
(d) i, ii, iii and iv


5.Which one of the following statements regarding the Preamble is correct?
(a) It is not enforceable in a Court of law
(b) The Supreme Court has recently ruled that it is not a part of the Constitution
(c) It has been amended twice
(d) All the above are correct


6.The Preamble of our Constitution reads: India is a 
(a) Sovereign, socialist, secular democratic Republic
(b) Sovereign, democratic, socialist, secular Republic
(c) Socialist, democratic, secular Republic
(d) Democratic, sovereign, secular, socialist Republic


7.Which part of the Constitution reflects the mind and ideals of the framers ?
(a) Preamble
(b) Fundamental Rights
(c) Directive Principles
(d) Emergency Provisions


8.The Preamble to the Constitution of India reads:
(a) We, the people of India…. In our Constitution Assembly enact and give to ourselves this Constitution
(b) We, the people of India…. In this Constituent Assembly decide to enact and give to India this Constitution
(c) We, the people of India…. through the representatives of this Constituent Assembly…. enact and give to ourselves the Constituent.
(d) We, the members of the Constitution Assembly, represent the people of India….. Enact this Constitution.


9.The preamble to the Constitution of India was amended by which Constitutional Amendment Act?
(a) 44th Constitutional Amendment Act
(b) 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act
(c) 56th Constitutional Amendment Act
(d) It has never been amended

Answer: (b)

10.The Preamble enshrines certain ideals that were first spelt out in
(a) The speech by Jawaharlal Nehru on the banks of Ravi when he called for Puma Swaraj
(b) The Nehru Report
(c) A resolution adopted at Karachi session of the Indian National Congress
(d) The Objectives Resolution adopted by the Constituent Assembly

Answer: (d)