Chapterwise Quant Quiz For SSC CGL 2016: (COMPOUND INTEREST, PART-2)

Dear Readers,

As SSC CGL exam is coming near, many of candidates are studying very hard for this exam and want to crack this exam very seriously. Many of candidates understand this thing that QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE Section plays a pivotal role in deciding the cut-off for candidates giving this exam.
Friends, from now on We are starting an online quiz series of “Arithmetic Quant”. According to this plan, we would be publishing daily quiz of Arithmetic maths portion from where we would cover a topic each in it and we would update it daily. 

1.Suresh borrowed some money on compound interest and returned it in 3 yr in equal annual installments. If rate of interest is 15% per annum and annual installment is Rs. 481390, then find the sum borrowed. 
(a)Rs. 3126121
(b) Rs. 1099121
(c)Rs. 2117721
(d) Rs. 4154621

2.The difference between CI and SI for 3 yr at the rate of 10% pa is Rs. 152. What is the principal lent? 
(a) Rs. 4903.22
(b) Rs. 4275.99
(c) Rs. 4578.44
(d) Rs. 4825.88

3.A certain sum at compound interest amount to Rs. 12960 in 2 yr and Rs. 15552 in 3 yr. Find the rate per cent per annum. 
(a) 10%
(b) 15%
(c) 20%
(d) 25%

4.The height of a tree increases every year 1/4 times. If the present height of the tree is 64 cm, then what will be its height after 2 yr? 
(a) 70 cm
(b) 80 cm
(c) 60 cm
(d) 100 cm

5.An amount at the rate of 5% pa becomes Rs. 50 more at compound interest than that of simple interest after 2 yr. Calculate the principal. 
(a) Rs. 20000
(b) Rs. 45000
(c) Rs. 50000
(d) Rs. 25000

6.A man borrows Rs. 6375 to be paid back with compound interest at the rate of 4% pa by the end of 2 yr in two equal yearly installments. How much will each installment be? 
(a) Rs. 2780
(b) Rs. 2980
(c) Rs. 3380
(d) Rs. 3580

7.PNB Bank lent Rs. 1331 lakh to the ADANI group at compound interest and got Rs. 2197 lakh after 3 yr. What is the rate of interest charged, if compounded annually? 
(a) 15.75%
(b) 18.18%
(c) 12.48%
(d) 21.42%

8.An amount is invested in a bank at compound rate of interest. The Total amount, including interest, after first and third year is Rs. 1200 and Rs. 1728, respectively. What is the rate of interest? 
(a) 10%
(b) 18%
(c) 15%
(d) 20%

9.A sum of Rs. 22000 was taken as a loan. This is to be paid in 2 equal annual installments. If the rate of interest is 20% compounded annually, then the value of each installment is
(a) Rs. 14500
(b) Rs. 14200
(c) Rs. 14100
(d) Rs. 14400

10.During the first year, the population of a village is increased by 5% and the second year, it is diminished by 5%. At the end of the second year, its population was 49875. What was the population at the beginning of the first year? 
(a) 48000
(b) 52000
(c) 54000
(d) None of these


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