Previous Year Time Speed and Distance Questions for SSC CGL/MTS/CPO Exams

Dear maths lovers, Let your practice begins in minuteness but ends in magnificence.It is impossible to study maths properly by just reading and listening. So, practise, practise & more practise. For that, we are providing here Quant Quiz of 15 questions on Time Speed and Distance Questions in accordance with the syllabus of SSC CGL.We have also provided Study Notes and quizzes on all the topics.

Q1. Alok walks to a viewpoint and returns to the starting point by his car and thus takes a total time of 6 hours 45 minutes. He would have gained 2 hours by driving both ways. How long would it have taken for him to walk both ways?
(a) 8 h 45 min
(b) 7 h 45 min
(c) 8 h 30 min
(d) 6 h 45 min

Q2. A motor car does a journey in 17.5 hours, covering the first half at 30 km/h and the second half at 40 km/h. Find the distance of the journey.
(a) 684 km
(b) 600 km
(c) 120 km
(d) 540 km

Q3. Manish travels a certain distance by car at the rate of 12 km/h and walks back at the rate of 3 km/h. The whole journey took 5 hours. What is the distance he covered on the car?
(a) 12 km
(b) 30 km
(c) 15 km
(d) 6 km

Q4. Two trains A and B start simultaneously in the opposite direction from two points A and B and arrive at their destinations 9 and 4 hours respectively after their meeting each other. At what rate does the second train B travel if the first train travels at 80 km per hour.
(a) 60 km/h
(b) 100 km/h
(c) 120 km/h
(d) 80 km/h
Q5. A train moves at a constant speed of 120 km/h for one km. and at 40 km/h for the next one km. What is the average speed of the train?.
(a) 48 km/h
(b) 50 km/h
(c) 80 km/h
(d) 60 km/h
Q6. Two cars started simultaneously toward each other from town A and B, that are 480 km apart. It took the first car travelling from A to B 8 hours to cover the distance and the second car travelling from B to A 12 hours. Determine at what distance from A the two cars meet.
(a) 288 km
(b) 200 km
(c) 300 km
(d) 196 km
Q7. A and B travel the same distance at the rate of 8 kilometres and 10 kilometres an hour respectively. If A takes 30 minutes longer than B, the distance travelled by B is?
(a) 6 km
(b) 10 km
(c) 16 km
(d) 20 km
Q8. A train requires 7 seconds to pass a pole while it requires 25 seconds to cross a stationary train which is 378 metres long. Find the speed of the train.
(a) 75.6 km/h
(b) 75.4 km/h
(c) 76.2 km/h
(d) 21 km/h
Q9. Vinay runs 100 metres in 20 seconds and Ajay runs the same distance in 25 seconds. By what distance will Vinay beat Ajay in a hundred metre race?
(a) 10 m
(b) 20 m
(c) 25 m
(d) 12 m
Q10. Two trains for Howrah leave Muzaffarpur at 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. respectively and travel at 60 km/h and 70 km/h respectively. How many kilometres from Muzaffarpur will the two trains meet?
(a) 210 km
(b) 180 km
(c) 150 km
(d) 120 km
Q11. Vijay can row a certain distance downstream in 6 h and return the same distance in 9 h. If the stream flows at the rate of 3 km/h, find the speed of Vijay in still water.
(a) 12 km/h
(b) 13 km/h
(c) 14 km/h
(d) 15 km/h
Q12. A motorboat whose speed in still water is 10 km/h went 91 km downstream and then returned to its starting point. Calculate the speed of the river flow if the round trip took a total of 20 hours.
(a) 3 km/h
(b) 4 km/h
(c) 6 km/h
(d) 8 km/h
Q13. A motorboat whose speed in still water is 15 km/h goes 30 km downstream and comes back in a total 4 hours 30  min. Determine the speed of the stream.
(a) 2 km/h
(b) 3 km/h
(c) 4 km/h
(d) 5 km/h
Q14. Amitabh covered a distance of 96 km two hours faster than he had planned to. This he achieved by travelling 1 km more every hour than he intended to cover every 1 hour 15 minutes. What was the speed at which Amitabh travelled during the journey?
(a) 16 km/h
(b) 26 km/h
(c) 36 km/h
(d) 30 km/h
Q15. A bus left point X for point Y. Two hours later a car left point X for Y and arrived at Y at the same time as the bus. If the car and the bus left simultaneously from the opposite ends X and Y towards each other, they would meet 1.33 hours after the start. How much time did it take the bus to travel from X to Y?
(a) 2 h
(b) 4 h
(c) 6 h
(d) 8 h   

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