Previous Year Percentage Questions for SSC CGL/MTS/CPO Exams

Dear maths lovers, Let your practice begins in minuteness but ends in magnificence.It is impossible to study maths properly by just reading and listening. So, practise, practise & more practise. For that, we are providing here Quant Quiz of 15 Questions on Percentage in accordance with the syllabus of SSC CGL.We have also provided Study Notes and quizzes on all the topics.

Q1. The price of petrol is increased by 20%. But expenses increase only by 10%. What is the percentage increase or decrease in consumption?
(a) 8.33% decrease
(b) 5% increase
(c) 12% decrease
(d) 9% increase

Q2. If A is 25% more than B, then by how much percentage B is less than A?
(a) 20%
(b) 24%
(c) 25%
(d) 30%
Q3. An article is sold for Rs. 125 at a profit of 25%. What is the cost price of the article?
(a) Rs.100
(b) Rs.90
(c) Rs.80
(d) Rs.70

Q4. When the speed of a car is increased by 25%, time taken reduces by 20 minutes in covering a certain distance. What is the actual time taken to cover the same distance by actual speed?
(a) 100 min.
(b) 120 min.
(c) 90 min.
(d) 80 min.
Q5. The length of a rectangle is increased by 30% and the breadth is decreased by 25%. What is the percentage change in the area of the rectangle due to this?
(a) 2.5% increase
(b) 25% decrease
(c) 25% increase
(d) 2.5% decrease
Q6. If a value is increased twice successively by 20%, then what is the net percentage increase in that value?
(a) 20%
(b) 40%
(c) 21%
(d) 44%
Q7. After spending 20% on clothes, 10% on books, 9% on purchasing gifts for girlfriend and 7% on others, Chandra has a balance of Rs. 2,700. How much money was there with him initially?
(a) Rs. 5,000
(b) Rs. 6,000
(c) Rs. 7,000
(d) None of these
Q8. A man spends 60% of his income. His income increases by 40% and due to this, he increases his expenditure also by 40%. Find the percentage increase in his savings.
(a) 30%
(b) 4%
(c) 4.44%
(d) None of these

Q11. In a ∆ABC measurement of ∠ABC = 15°. What will be the value of ∠ABC when seen through a magnifying glass which can magnify any object by 20%?
(a) Value reduce by 20%
(b) Same
(c) Value increased by 20%
(d) Value decreased by 16.66%
Q12. Due to a price hike of 20%, 4 kg less sugar are available for Rs. 120. What is the initial price per kg of sugar?
(a) Rs. 5/kg
(b) Rs. 4/kg
(c) Rs. 6/kg
(d) Rs. 5.5/kg
Q13. Fresh watermelons contain 90% water by weight whereas dry watermelons contain 20% water by weight. What is the weight of dry watermelon obtained from 20 kgs of fresh watermelon?
(a) 2.4 kg
(b) 2 kg
(c) 2.5 kg
(d) Cannot be determined
Q14. One-third of Mayank’s marks in history equals his marks in geography. If he obtained 180 marks in two subjects together, how many marks did he get in geography?
(a) 40
(b) 45
(c) 60
(d) 36
Q15. The salary of Anil and Vinit is 20% and 30% less than the salary of Dheeraj respectively. By what percentage is the salary of Anil more than the salary of Vinit?
(a) 33.33%
(b) 50%
(c) 10%
(d) 14.28%

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