DDA Patwari Exam Analysis 2020 : Check Questions Asked in DDA Patwari Exam

The Delhi development authority conducted the Patwari exam 2020 from 5th to 12th November 2020. Many aspirants appeared for this exam and now they are wondering how it went. The candidates want to analyze their performance and also get an overview of the exam that they gave. In this article, we will be Analysing this year’s DDA Patwari exam. Before we analyze the exam letters look at the exam pattern that was followed in the DDA Patwari exam 2020. Analyzing this year’s DDA Patwari exam. Before we analyze the exam letters look at this the exam pattern that was followed in the DDA Patwari exam 2020.

DDA Patwari Exam Pattern 2020

The prelims examination for DDA Patwari Exam 2020 is an objective paper with 120 questions. The duration of the examination is 2 hours or 120 minutes. This examination also has a negative marking of -0.33 marks for every wrong answer and +1 marks for every right answer that the candidates give. Let us look at the detailed information bout the exam pattern for DDA Patwari 2020 exam.

DDA Admit Card 2020: Direct Link for Admit Card of DDA Exam 2020 Download

Concerned Subjects Total No. of Questions Maximum Marks
General Awareness 120 Questions 120 Marks
General Intelligence and Reasoning


Arithmetical and Numerical Ability
Hindi and English (Language along with


Basic Computer Knowledge (up to 10th Std.) 
Duration of the paper: 2 Hours or 120 minutes. 

DDA Patwari Exam 2020 Analysis

Let us look at the asked questions on 6th November and their topic that appeared in this year’s DDA Patwari exam 2020:

  • One question from Umang portal.
  • This year, how much budget aloted for the Agriculture sector.
  • Which state is situated on the bank of _____ river?
  • Who is the father of the modern computer?
  • 7-8 questions were asked from ms word, ms-excel & powerpoint.
  • Study of cells.
  • Reading comprehension based on paper bottles.
  • Synonym-> Fibble
  • One question from water image.
  • 10 questions from Current affairs (June-July 2020)
  • General Secretary of the United Nation?
  • ctrl+E short cut key.
  • Which option is not available in the View tab in ms-word.
  • When did Niti Ayog establish?
  • 2 questions were asked from dams.
  • The highest peak in south India?
  • 3 questions were asked from Loss & profit
  • 2 questions were asked from time & work
  • 2 questions were asked from average.
  • 2 questions from mensuration.
  • Age based 2 questions.
  • 1 blood relation question.
  • 6-7 dictionary-based sequence questions
  • 8-9 fillers were asked in english
  • समास
  • प्रत्यय
  • उपसर्ग
  • 2 मुहावरें
  • पर्यायवाची

Let us look at the asked questions on 5th November and their topic that appeared in this year’s DDA Patwari exam 2020:

  • Subansiri River flows in which state?
  • One question related to Free online education.
  • Where is the Headquarter of TRAI?
  • Rani Laxmi Marine drive is in which state?
  • Who is the winner of Pen Award 2020?
  • Study of Human is called?
  • Sharath Kamal belongs to which sport?
  • One question related to Article 141.
  • Ramcaritmanas was written by?
  • One question related to the Mughal Empire.
  • One question from the Happiness index.
  • Sunil Chhetri plays which sport for India?
  • One question related to Mohanjodaro/Harappa.
  • ICT stands for?
  • UPS is useful for?
  • Which step is used to input music to PPT.
  • Default views of PPT.
  • Which wave used in GPS.
  • 2 questions were asked from MS Excel.
  • 4 questions were asked from MS word.
  • Question related to shortcut keys
  • A circle have radius of 516 cm ^ 2. Radius of circle is equal to side of a square. find the are of square?
  • A invest 5000 for 12 months , B invests 4000 for 18 months and C invests 3000 for 9 months. if the profit is x Rs. Find the profit of B?
  • A finishes a work in 15 days and B can do it in 20 days. They work for 5 days then B left. If C Joins A after 5 days and they finish the work in 7 days. then find the days required by C to finish the work alone?
  • Distance between A & B is 200 Km.If two cars started from A & B and moves towards each other at the speed of 50 Km/Hr and 10 Km/hr then after how much time will they meet?
  • A finishes a work in 8 days, b in 7 days and c in 6 days? How much time will they take to finish the work together? If we increase the CP of an article by 10 % and then give a discount of 20 %, find the profit or loss %

General Awareness

Topics Sub-Topics
  • Facts about Harappa Civilization
  • Name of the Kings who built important ancient Temples and Institutions like Nalanda
  • Chronology of Medieval India and their important systems
  • Important institution of world and India and their locations like BRICS, World Bank, IMF, and RBI, etc
  • India and its neighboring countries
  • Famous Seaport and Airport and their location
  • National political parties and their symbols
  • Supreme Court and fundamental duties
  • Meaning of write 
  • Election of president and his functions
  • Facts about parliament 
  • Five-year plan and its importance
  • Famous persons in the economy
  • Information about SEBI, RBI, etc
Current Affairs
  • Sports
  • Awards
  • Politics
  • Finance and banking sector
  • International events 

Arithmetical & Numerical Ability

The majority of the questions were asked of a moderate level of difficulty. let us have a look at some topics that were frequently asked in the DDA Patwari Exam 2020.

  1. Simplification (Fractions and Decimals, Square roots)
  2. Percentage, ratio and proportion, average, and number system.
  3. Number series
  4. Problems on age 
  5. Time, Speed and Distance (Problems on Boats and Streams, Problems on Trains)
  6. Simple interest and compound interest
  7. Profit and loss
  8.  Time and work
  9. Data Interpretation (Bar Graphs, Pie Charts, Tables, etc)
  10. Algebra
  11. Mensuration

General Intelligence & Reasoning 

Topics Sub-topics
  • Coding-Decoding
  • Symbols
  • Mathematical operations
  • Analogy
  • Odd pair
  • Classification
  • Missing characters
  • Seating arrangement 
  • Blood relations
  • Ranking
  • Puzzles
  • Direction sense
  • Cube and dices
  • Sequence of figures
  • Matrix
  • Paper-cutting, folding, punching
  • Mirror and water reflection
  • Syllogism
  • Venn diagrams
  • Assumption or inference or conclusion

Basic Computer Knowledge 

Let us look at the types of questions that were asked in the DDA Patwari exam 2020 in the Basic Computer Knowledge section:

  • Computer Organisation Including RAM, ROM, File System, Input Devices.
  • Computer Software-Relationship between Hardware and Software, Operating System, MS-Office (exposure of Word, Excel/spreadsheet, Powerpoint)
  •  Information Technology and Society-Indian IT Act.
  • Questions related to digital signatures
  • Application of information technology in government for E-Governance

 English & Hindi Language 

In this section, the aspirants find it easy to score maximum marks in the exam. Let us look at the types of questions that were asked in this year’s exam.

Topic Types of Questions
  • Synonyms & Antonyms
  • Fill in the blanks
  • Idioms and phrases
  • Spotting error
  • A sentence or phrase improvement
  • Fill in the blanks/ Cloze test
Comprehension Reading Comprehension
Sentence Re-arrangement  Sentence structure

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