Previous Year Geography Questions For SSC CGL EXAM

At SSC ADDA, we are providing geography Quiz of 15 important questions and here we have covered all the important topic of Geography.

Q1. Who coined the word ‘Geography’? 
(a) Ptolemy 
(b) Eratosthenese 
(c) Hacataus 
(d) Herodatus 
Q2. Which one of the following is not the example of planetary winds? 
(a) westerly  wind
(b) Trade wind 
(c) Land and sea breezes 
(d) Chinook 
Q3. The highest grade and best quality coal is 
(a) lignite 
(b) peat 
(c) bituminous 
(d) anthracite 
Q4. Mica is found in which one of the following pairs of rocks? 
(a) Slate : Sandstone 
(b) Schist : Gneiss 
(c) Limestone : Sandstone 
(d) Shale : Limestone 
Q5. Which one of the following is the greatest circle? 
(a) Arctic Circle 
(b) Equator 
(c) Tropic and Cancer 
(d) Tropic of Capricorn 
Q6. Condensation is the reverse of 
(a) vaporisation 
(b) smog 
(c) cirrus cloud 
(d) fog 
Q7. The ocean which touches the Asian and American shores is 
(a) Atlantic 
(b) Indian 
(c) Antarctic 
(d) Pacific 
Q8. Cyclones are caused due to 
(a) low pressure 
(b) high pressure 
(c) low temperature 
(d) high density 
Q9. The distribution of characteristic vegetation of a region is determined mainly by  
(a) soil, water and temperature 
(b) water, greenhouse effect and altitude 
(c) wind, water and latitude 
(d) sunlight, water and wind 
Q10. Consider the following geological phenomena 
1. development of a fault 
2. movement along a fault 
3. impact produced by a volcanic eruption  
4. folding of rocks 
Which of the statements given above causes earthquake? 
(a) 1, 2 and 3 
(b) 2 and 4
(c) 1, 3 and 4
(d) 1 and 4 
Q11. Land and sea-breezes occur due to 
(a) conduction 
(b) convection 
(c) radiation 
(d) tides 
Q12.Which rocks are called primary rocks.
(a) Sedimentary rocks
(a) Metamorphic rocks
(a) Igneous rocks
(a) None of the above
Q13.The Jog waterfalls are on the river____
(a)Tunga Bhadra 
14.Gomati is the tributary of_____
Q15.Luni River is in____
(d)Himachal Pradesh




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