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List of Countries and their National Sport | Check Now

List of Countries and their National Sport: A National Sport of a country is the game based on popularity and cultural significance of that country. The national games are considered as an important part for the natives of that particular country. To gain knowledge and be aware of the National Games of all countries, read the article written below.

General Awareness is an important section in exams such as SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS, railways as a variety of questions can be asked from all around the world. To let you make the most of GA section, we are providing the list of National Sport of Various Countries.

Countries and their National Sports 

All countries have declared their National Games based on the rich history and cultural values followed. The list of major countries along with their National Games has been provided to give you an insight into the diversity followed all over the world. Check out below:

Country National Games / Sports
Afghanistan Buzkashi
Anguilla Yacht Racing
Antigua And Barbuda Cricket
Argentina Pato
Australia Cricket
Bangladesh Kabaddi
Barbados Cricket
Bermuda Cricket
Bhutan Archery
Brazil Association Football
Canada Lacrosse (summer), Ice Hockey (winter)
Chile Chilean Rodeo
China Ping Pong (Table Tennis)
Colombia Tejo
Cuba Baseball
Denmark Association Football, Handball
Dominican Republic Baseball
England Cricket
Estonia Basketball
Finland Pesäpallo (Finnish Baseball)
France Football
Georgia Rugby Union
Grenada Cricket
Guyana Cricket, Water Polo
Haiti Association Football
Iceland Handball
India Field Hockey
Indonesia Pencak Silat
Iran Wrestling
Ireland Gaelic Football
Israel Association Football
Jamaica Cricket
Japan Sumo
Lithuania Basketball
Madagascar Rugby Union
Malaysia Sepak Takraw
Mauritius Association Football
Mexico Charrería
Mongolia Mongolian Wrestling, Archery
Nepal Volleyball
New Zealand Rugby Union
Norway Cross-Country Skiing (winter)
Pakistan Field Hockey
Papua New Guinea Rugby League
Peru Paleta Frontón
Philippines Arnis
Puerto Rico Paso Fino
Romania Oina
Russia Bandy
Scotland Golf
Slovenia Alpine Skiing
South Korea Taekwondo
Sri Lanka Volleyball
Tajikistan Gushtigiri
The Bahamas Cricket
Turkey Oil Wrestling
Turks And Caicos Islands Cricket
United States Of America Baseball
Uruguay Destrezas Criollas
Venezuela Baseball
Wales Rugby Union


We hope that this article helped you with the information you were looking for. If you have any other country that you want to add up to this list, make sure to comment down below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the National Sport of Australia?
The National Sport of Australia is Cricket.

Q. What is the National Sport of France?
National Sport of France is Football

Q. What is the National Sport of Bangladesh?
National Sport of Bangladesh is Kabaddi

Q. Sumo wrestling is the national sport of which country?
Sumo wrestling is the national sport of Japan.

List of Countries and their National Sport | Check Now_50.1

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    руна навруз значение

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