Correct Use of Adverbs With Examples

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Today we are going to discuss Adverb and its Rules  which will be helpful for strengthening your English Grammar and Spotting error quiz.
An adverb is a word which modifies a verb, an adjective or another adverb in a given sentence. 
  • She is reading very fast.
                  Verb        adv.
  • She is a very intelligent girl.
                       Adv.      Adj.
  •  The horse runs very quickly
                                    adv.   adv.
(Note : usually the adverbs end with -ly.)
Rules pertaining to use of adverbs:
Rule 1 :
In order to make our meaning clear, an adverb must be placed as near as possible to the word it modifies.
  • She has only three dollars with her.
  • He says he often visits my place.
  • He often says he visits my place.
Note: Other adverbs like only are: just, nearly, hardly, almost and scarcely.
Read the following examples:
Wrong:We only have four hours to finish this paper.
Right:  We have only four hours to finish this paper.
Wrong: She just wants to take one class. [not anything else]
Right:   She wants to take just one class. [not even second]
Wrong: That building nearly costs sixty thousand rupees.
Right:   That building costs nearly sixty thousand rupees.

Rule 2 :
When an adverb modifies an intransitive verb, it usually follows it.

  • She sang melodiously.
  • She writes nearly.

Rule 3:
When a verb consists of an auxiliary and a main verb, the adverb which qualifies is placed between the auxiliary and the main verb.
Wrong:I have told him often not to come late.
Right:I have often told him not to come late. 

Rule 4 :
When adverb modifies an adjective or another adverb, the adverb usually comes before it.

  • The Cuckoo sings quite sweetly,


  • Do not speak so fast. 


Note: The adverb ‘enough’ is always placed after the word it modifies.
Why don’t you speak loud enough to be heard.

Rule 5 :
The word ‘only’ should be placed before the word it is intended to modify.

  • Only she gave me this book. (i.e., she and nobody else)
  • She only told me the truth. (and nothing else)
  • I solved only two problems. (correct)
  • I only solved two problems. (incorrect)


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