Childhood is the most beautiful of all life’s Seasons | Happy Children’s Day

Dear Students,

The world is changing at a rapid pace, with the change in the views and ideology of the society. Everybody seems intricated in order to achieve their goals and priorities in life. But today on the occasion of 14th November celebrated as Children’s Day in India commemorating birthday of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, it is must to highlight the present situation of this ceremonial day. Parents are suppressing their children with the burden of their own unfulfilled dreams and high expectations. The real meaning and jubilant moments of childhood has been faded in the blind race of this competitive world.

“The law of love could be best understood and learned through little Children.”

Life is precious and only can be lived once, so live it like you have no tomorrow but learn from it like you have to live forever. Life is all about our reaction to the situations and to balance it justifiedly. Our journey of life begins with the most exhilarating stage of life i.e. childhood. Children are supposed to be carefree, enthusiastic and a pure soul, we need to make them conversant of it and must contribute to make this stage of life auspicious and memorable for them. But on the contrary, the present circumstances and parents’ expectations are pushing them to run in the boorish racing track of being better than everyone else. We don’t have to teach them being better than others but being better than themselves with each passing day. This word ‘Comparison’ sounds austere but it can lead to a horrified state of mind that is called ‘depression’.

On this auspicious occasion of Children’s day,being aware of a furtive childish essence within all the aspirants for any competitive exam or anybody seeking for any achievement, my this article is dedicated to the patience, optimistic vision and perseverance all of you have hold up this far,as I am well aware of being in a dilemma and enigmatic circumstances faced by when our vision gets obscured towards our goal. Don’t focus on success but the path leading to it. Nothing is impossible to achieve as long as you have that affirmative attitude, implementive planned strategy, conciliatory state of mind and positive endeavour. Don’t underestimate yourself just because your friend cracked the exam before you did or has been assigned to a high profile job or now enjoying his married life. ‘Success’ has its own various definitions and sporadic parameters. It can knock at your door anytime and you just need to be alert by giving your best because it’s a truth that if you aim for the moon, at least you will be high above in the sky touching the stars.

Reminding of those who are still at sea regarding their firm decision to begin their journey leading to their goal, I will suggest- Just start, Start whether you are exhausted, or diffident, fearful or not fully prepared but just start. Once you take a beginning step, you are already a half ahead in the process and closer to your goal since only beginning is the hardest thing in the whole process.

Everything is futile in the world if you aren’t complacent with yourself and looking for happiness outside when it actually resides within yourself. Even if you’re feeling low, or upset with the circumstances, failed efforts, just give yourself a break, love yourself, treat yourself better and prepare yourself for the next attempt. Always remember, if it was easy everybody would be achieving it. ‘We always know what We Are, but We never know what We can be. It is all about an affirmative thinking. Stay away from all those people who mock at you, bring you down because you are already above them and feel superior that atleast you are struggling, ameliorating yourself and heading towards your goal day by day than wasting your time and showing grudges like them.

Love Life and it will love your back! Life is all about moving on, so move ahead of your excuses, past failures, depression and unhealthy attitude.Pour yourself into a balanced schedule where you will be giving yourself appreciating time for each activity you love to do, you are made for and build a powerful personality, remain confident, accept yourself, appreciate efforts you make everyday. Build a habit of smiling even in the toughest times, it will give you a consolation that nobody else can give you.And always remember if you can dream it, you definitely can achieve it.

‘Good, better, best. Never let it rest.
‘Till your good is better and your better is best’.

 Greetings to all of our adda247 readers and wishing everyone a Happy Children‘s Day.

All the best for your preparations and upcoming exams !!


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