Chemistry Questions for SSC CHSL & RRB NTPC

Q1. Which one among the following is not a mixture?
(a) Graphite 
(b) Glass
(c) Brass 
(d) Steel 

Q2. Which of the following is not a nitrogenous fertilizer?
(a) Ca(CN)2 
(b) CaCN2
(c) NH4NO3 
(d) Urea
Q3. The metal compound commonly found in Sindhoor or Kumkum is based on
(a) Tin 
(b) Lead
(c) Copper 
(d) Zinc
Q4. Which among the following elements (metals) pollutes the air of a city having large number of automobiles?
(a) Cadmium 
(b) Lead
(c) Chromium 
(d) Nickel
Q5. In chemical terms, what are alums used for purifying water for drinking purposes ?
(a) Hydrated chlorides
(b) Double nitrate
(c) Double sulphates
(d) None of these
Q6. Which one is a sublime substance?
(a) Table salt 
(b) Sugar
(c) Iodine 
(d) Potassium Iodide
Q7. Carborundum is a compound of
(a) Ca 
(b) Ge
(c) Si 
(d) S
Q8. C11 – L – methyl-methionine is used for
(a) brain tumor and parathyroid imaging
(b) stomach analysis
(c) bone imaging
(d) live imaging
Q9. The number of protons in a negatively charged atom (anion) is
(a) more than the atomic number of the element
(b) less than the atomic number of the element
(c) more than the number of elecrons in the atom
(d) less than the number of electrons in the atom
Q10. pH of human body varies within the range of
(a) 6.0 to 6.5 
(b) 5.5 to 5.8
(c) 7.0 to 7.8 
(d) 7.0 to 11.0
Q11. To protect tooth decay we are advised to brush our teeth regularly. The nature of the tooth paste commonly used is
(a) acidic 
(b) neutral
(c) basic 
(d) corrosive
Q12. Which one among the following is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors?
(a) Ozone 
(b) Heavy hydrogen
(c) Heavy water 
(d) Hydrogen peroxide
Q13. Which among the following is an element?
(a) Alumina 
(b) Brass
(c) Graphite 
(d) Silica
Q14. Which one of the following elements exists in liquid state at room temperature?
(a) Mercury 
(b) Lead
(c) Sodium 
(d) Calcium
Q15. The metal constituent of chlorophyll is
(a) Iron 
(b) Potassium
(c) Manganese 
(d) Magnesium


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