Chapterwise Quant Quiz For SSC CGL 2016: (COMPOUND INTEREST, PART-1)

1.  Find the compound interest on Rs. 6000 in 2 yr at 4% pa, if the interest being compounded half-yearly. 
(a) Rs. 412.62
(b) Rs. 494.59
(c) Rs. 481.77
(d) Rs. 475.18

2.  What sum of money at compound interest will amount to Rs. 4499.04 in 3 yrs, if the rate of interest is 5% for the 1st yr, 3% for the 2nd yr and 4% for the 3rd yr?
(a) Rs. 4000
(b) Rs. 4200
(c) Rs. 4100
(d) Rs. 4500

3. The difference between CI and SI for 3 yr at the rate of 20% pa is Rs. 144. What is the principal lent? 
(a) Rs. 1185
(b) Rs. 1135
(c) Rs. 1125
(d) Rs. 1175

4.  If a certain sum at compound interest becomes double in 6 yr, then in how many years, it will be 16 times at the same rate of interest?
(a) 14 yr
(b) 24 yr
(c) 25 yr
(d) 30 yr

5.  A sum of money invested at compound interest amounts to Rs. 800 in 2 yr and Rs. 880 in 3 yr. Find the rate of interest per annum and the sum. 
(a) 5%, Rs. 625.62
(b) 10%, Rs. 645.42 
(c) 10%, Rs. 661.15
(d) 5%, Rs. 665.22

6.  The cost price of a car is Rs. 400000. If its price decreases 20% every year, then what will be the cost of car after 3 yr? 
(a) Rs. 300000
(b) Rs. 201700
(c) Rs. 204800
(d) Rs. 205000

7.  Find the least number of complete years in which a sum of money put out at 20% compound interest will be more than triple. 
(a) 3 yr
(b) 9 yr
(c) 5 yr
(d) 7 yr

8.  Find the compound interest on Rs. 31250 at 16% pa compounded quarterly for 9 months. 
(a) Rs. 4902
(b) Rs. 3902
(c) Rs. 3502
(d) Rs. 4202

9.  Income of Shahid was Rs. 5000. In the first 2 yr, his income decreased by 10% and 5% respectively but in the third year, the income increased by 15%. What was his income at the end of third year (appx.)?
(a) Rs. 4900
(b) Rs. 4600
(c) Rs. 4700
(d) Rs. 4500

10. The simple interest for certain sum in 2 yr at 5% pa is Rs. 80. What will be the compound interest for the same sum, if conditions of rate and time period are same? 
(a) Rs. 92
(b) Rs. 82
(c) Rs. 72
(d) Rs. 92


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