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Quant Quiz “Arithmetic ” for SSC CGL 2016

Quant Quiz "Arithmetic " for SSC CGL 2016_40.1

Directions (Q.1-5):
Study the bar graph carefully and answer the following questions.
The number of male and female probationary officers in various banks 

Quant Quiz "Arithmetic " for SSC CGL 2016_50.1

1  What is the total number of
employees in the given six banks?
  (a) 60000
  (b) 56000
  (c) 58000
  (d) 62000
2. What is the ratio of male to
female probationary officers in all six banks?
   (a) 5 : 4
   (b) 3 : 2
   (c) 2 : 3
   (d) 7 : 8
3.In HDFC 40% males and 30% females
are unmarried, then what is the ratio of the married males to the married
females in HDFC?
   (a) 7 : 5
   (b) 5 : 7
   (c) 12 : 13
   (d) 2 : 3
4.If the number of married
male probaionary officers in ICICI is euqal to that in PNB, which is 40% of the
male probabtionary officers in PNB, then what is the percentage of married male
probationary officers in ICIC with respect to the total number of probationary
officers in ICIC?
    (a) 25.51%
   (b) 28%
   (c) 27.91%
   (d) 23.33% 
5.The male probationary
officers in PNB is what per cent more than the female probationary officers in
   (a) 74.8%
   (b) 74%
   (c) 75%
   (d) 75.4%

Quant Quiz "Arithmetic " for SSC CGL 2016_60.1

Directions (Q.6-10): The
following table shows the percentage of marks obtained by five students in six
different subjects. Answer the following questions based on this table.

Quant Quiz "Arithmetic " for SSC CGL 2016_70.1

6.What is the average marks scored by
all students in Biology?
    (a) 49.7
    (b) 47.7
    (c) 57
    (d) 42.7
7. What is the total marks scored by
Naveen in all subjects together?
    (a) 414.5
    (b) 413.5
    (c) 413
    (d) 313.5
8. What is the overall percentage of
marks scored by Rohit?
    (a) 58%
    (b) 48.16%
    (c) 53.16%
    (d) 68.16%
9. What is the difference between the
total marks obtained by Mukesh in Chemistry, Hindi and Maths and that obtained
by Amit in the same subjects?
     (a) 43
     (b) 23
     (c) 22
     (d) 42
10.The marks scored by Ravi in Physics is
approximately what per cent of the marks scored by him in Hindi?
     (a) 66%
     (b) 76%
     (c) 86%
     (d) 56%

Solutions (6-10)
Quant Quiz "Arithmetic " for SSC CGL 2016_80.1


Q11.  A boy walking at a speed of 10 km/h reaches
his school 12 min late. Next time at a speed of 15 km/h reaches his school 7
min late. Find the distance of his school from his house? 
(a) 2.5km
Quant Quiz "Arithmetic " for SSC CGL 2016_90.1

Q12. A boat travels 30 km upstream in 5 hours
and 100 km downstream in 10 hours. Find the speed of the boat in still water
and the speed of the stream in km/hr.
(a) 8,  3
(b) 8, 2
(c) 7 ,2
(d) 6,3

Quant Quiz "Arithmetic " for SSC CGL 2016_100.1

Q13. The speed of a boat in still water is
15 km/h and the rate of stream is 5 km/h. The distance travelled downstream in
24 minutes is-
(a) 4 km
(b) 8 km
(c) 6 km
(d) 16 km
Quant Quiz "Arithmetic " for SSC CGL 2016_110.1

Q14. Mohan covers a distance of 150 m in a
certain time. If he increases his speed to 4 times his original speed, the time
taken reduces by 30 seconds. Find the original time taken.
(a) 35
(b) 40
(c) 38
(d) 45
Quant Quiz "Arithmetic " for SSC CGL 2016_120.1

Q15. A boy walks from his home to school
at 9 kmph, reaches the school 12 minutes early. If he walks from his home to
school at 6 kmph, he reaches the school 6 minutes late. Find the time taken by
him to go to school if he walks at 12 kmph.
(a) 40
(b) 20 minutes
(c) 45
(d) 27
Quant Quiz "Arithmetic " for SSC CGL 2016_130.1

Quant Quiz "Arithmetic " for SSC CGL 2016_140.1

Quant Quiz "Arithmetic " for SSC CGL 2016_150.1

Quant Quiz "Arithmetic " for SSC CGL 2016_160.1

Quant Quiz "Arithmetic " for SSC CGL 2016_170.1