Biology Quiz Based on “CELL” for SSC 2016

1. Which of the following is/are not present in prokaryotic cell?
A. nuclear membrane
B. mitochondria
C. lysosomes
D. All

2. Which of the following helps in the process of photosynthesis?
A. Chromoplasts
B. Leucoplasts 
C. Chloroplasts 
D. None of the above
3. Centriole present in which of the following?
A. mitochondria
B. Centrosome 
C. lysosomes
D. Chloroplasts 
4.  Which of the following is/are the types of cell division?
A. Mitosis
B. Meiosis
C. Both (A) & (B)
D. None of the above 
5. Which of the following is the function of Leucoplast?
A. help in photo-synthesis
B. provide colour to the flowers and the fruits.
C. help in the storage of food 
D. none of the above
6. Which of the following is/are the non-living part of the cell?
A. Vacuoles 
B. Granules 
C. Lysosomes 
D. Both (A) & (B)
7. Which of the following is/are the function of Plasma membrane?
A. allows only selected substances to pass in and out of the cell
B. Protects cell from injury. 
C. Maintains shape of cell. 
D. All
8. The longest cell in human body is-
A. Liver cell
B. Nerve cell
C. Muscles cell
D. None of these
9. Leucoplast found in mainly-
A. Cell of stem
B. Cells of root
C. Cells of leaf
D. Cells of flower
10. Mitochondria is absent in-
A. Bacteria
B. Yeast
C. Fungi
D. Green algae