1.The part of the cell which is essential for protein synthesis is ?
A. Golgi bodies
B. Ribosome
C. Chromosomes
D. Chloroplast

2.Which of the following is not a mixture ?

A. Gasoline
B. Distilled water
C. Air
3.Which of the following chemicals is used for fruit ripening ?
A. Calcium carbide
B. Potassium chloride
C. Sodium chloride
D. Sodium carbonate

4.Wisdom teeth normally grow during the age of ?
A. 7-11 years
B. 12-15 years
C. 17-30 years
D. 32-40 years
5.The yellow colours of urine is due to the presence of ?
A. cholestrol
B. Bile
C. Urochrome
D. Lymph
6. Transfer of genetic information from one generation to the other is accomplished by ?
B. Messenger RNA
C. Transfer RNA
D. Both b and c
7.Which of the toxic heavy metals is found in modern tannery industries?
A. Chromium
B. Lead
C. Zinc
D. Nickel
8.A close bottle containing water at room temperature is taken to the Moon and than the lid is opened.The water will?
A. Freeze
B. Boil
C. Decompose into oxygen and hydrogen
D. Not changed at all
9. Which of the following chemicals is used for preserving fruit juices?
A. Sodium Benzoate
B. Ammonium Sulphate
C. Potassium Nitrate
D. Sodium Hydroxide
10. Which wave phenomenon is not common to both light and sound waves?
A. Diffraction
B. Polarisation
C. Reflection
D. Refraction

ANSWER KEY: 1- (B), 2- (B), 3- (A), 4- (A), 5- (C), 6- (D), 7- (A), 8- (B), 9- (A), 10- (B)

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  1. The line 2x+3y-1 intersects y-axis at the point???
    plz xplain

  2. Ans 3 hai …qki ynha bta rhe h ki line y-axis p intersect krte h aur y axis k coordinates (0,y ) rehte aur inhe equatn m rkh do 2(0)+3(y)-1=0
    Aur y ki value 1/3 coordinates honge(0,1/3)…

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