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Study Plan for 67th Bihar Public Service Commission Pre 2021

Bihar Public Service Commission, the state service commission for Bihar, conducts the examination almost every year, in order to fill the vacancies of group B officers in Bihar. Lakhs of students apply for this examination and aspire to be officers. There is not much time left for the students to prepare. Whatever one studies must be incorporated suitably from the exam point of view so that results can be achieved. To do so, one needs to have a sound exam-oriented study plan. In this article, we are going to discuss a few tips and strategies to help out the aspirants in their endeavors.

Bihar Adda 247 has brought an integrated study plan for every serious aspirant who aspires to clear this immensely competitive examination. A 10-week study plan which can land a newbie directly into the selection list.

 It will be starting from 1st October 2021 on our app. 

We will be daily uploading 2 quizzes according to the study plan. So gear up aspirants, download ADDA 247 APP –  and start this incredible journey with us.

This study plan is a comprehensive plan for pre as well as mains too.

Bihar Public Service Commission 2021: Study Plan for 67th_50.1


WEEK Subject- Topic
Week 01
  • Polity – Historical Background, Making of constitution
  • Economy– Basic macro economics terminologies and their effects
  • Ancient history– Paleolithic, harappa, vedic 
  • Modern history– Advent of europeans , wars among europeans
  • Bihar geography
  • Current affairs– January 2021
Week 02
  • Polity-Salient Features, Preamble, Fundamental rights
  • Ancient history– post vedic , mahajanapadas, magadha dynasties 
  • Bihar related modern history– revolt of 1857 and post 1857
  • Bihar budget and economic Survey
  • Books and their writers
  • Current affairs– February 2021
Week 03
  • Polity– DPSP, Basic structure, Parliamentary system
  • Ancient history– maurya, buddhism, jainism, post mauryan
  • General science- Physics
  • Bihar budget and economic survey
  • Bihar and it’s rivers
  • Current affairs – March 2021
Week 04
  • Polity- Federal system, Centre-state relations, Inter-state relations
  • Ancient history- Gupta, post gupta, sangam
  • Modern history- Reforms and movements, Pre congress campaigns, upto 1905
  • Indian geography- Current important concepts
  • General science- Chemistry 
  • Current affairs – April 2021
Week 05
  • Polity- President,Vice president,Prime Minister,Council of Minister
  • Medieval history- (800 – 1200)ce, Delhi Sultanate- slave dynasty
  • Modern history- National Movement ( 1905-1918)
  • Indian economy – Terminologies in current
  • Current affairs- May 2021
  • Current affairs – June 2021
Week 06
  • Polity- Judiciary, Constitutional Bodies
  • Medieval history- Khilaji, Tughlaq, Lodi, Bhakti movement
  • Modern history- National Movement (1919-1939)
  • Indian economy- Current important concepts
  • Bihar government schemes
  • Current affairs – July 2021
  • Current affairs – August 2021
Week 07
  • Polity- State government, Local government
  • Medieval history – Mughal, administration during different rulers
  • Modern history- National movement (1939-1947)
  • Bihar current affairs
  • Bihar environment-  Recent schemes, or wildlife sanctuaries , tiger reserve in news
  • Current affairs – September 2021
  • Current affairs – October 2021
Week 08
  • Polity- Important articles, cases, amendments
  • Modern history- Civilian Rebellions and tribal Uprisings
  • Ancient history- South Indian dynasties
  • Art and culture in news
  • Schemes in news
  • Revision of modern history
Week 09
  • Current affairs whole year
  • Revision of polity
  • Revision of ancient history
  • Revision of medieval history
  • Revision of general science
  • Current affairs- November 2021
Week 10
  • Mock test – 1
  • Mock test -2
  • Mock test – 3
  • Mock test – 4
  • Mock test – 5


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