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English Antonyms Quiz For SSC Exams 2018-19: 29th January

SSC CGL,  SSC CPO, SSC Stenographer 2018 Exams are big opportunities to serve in a govt job and to live in clover. The Commission has already released exam dates for SSC exams among which one major exam is SSC Stenographer Exam 2018, to be held from 5 to 7 February 2019. English Section carries a heavy weightage in SSC CPO & SSC Stenographer exams. Also SSC CGL is no exception. Consolidating the level, priorities and type of questions, Daily English Quiz on SSCADDA & ADDA247 App is a productive outcome of our experts’ efforts to sharpen your practice skills.

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Directions (1-15): In the following question, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

(a) Tolerable
(b) Superfluous
(c) Expensive
(d) Hostile

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S1. Ans.(b)
Sol. Indispensable: absolutely necessary.
Superfluous: unnecessary, especially through being more than enough.
Hence option B is the correct antonym.

(a) Forgiving
(b) Humane
(c) Polite
(d) Liberal

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S2. Ans.(a)
Sol. Vindictive: having or showing a strong or unreasoning desire for revenge.
Forgiving: ready and willing to forgive.
Hence option A is the correct antonym.
(a) Caprice
(b) Cheer
(c) Sway
(d) Boisterous
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S3.  Ans.(b)
Sol. Spleen: bad temper; spite.
Caprice: a sudden and unaccountable change of mood or behavior.
Sway: rule; control.
Hence option B is the correct antonym.
(a) Debt
(b) Elegance
(c) Outlaw
(d) Sissy
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S4. Ans.(a)
Sol. Lucre: monetary gain.
Debt: a sum of money that is owed or due.
Outlaw: a person who has broken the law.
Hence option A is the correct antonym.

(a) Gentle
(b) Injurious
(c) Individual
(d) Cessation

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S5. Ans.(b)
Sol. Restorative: having the ability to restore health, strength, or well-being.
Injurious: causing or likely to cause damage or harm.
Cessation: the fact or process of ending or being brought to an end.
Hence option B is the correct antonym.
(a) Pious
(b) Orthodox
(c) Superstitious
(d) Outdated
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S6. Ans.(b)
Sol. Heretical: holding an opinion at odds with what is generally accepted.
Orthodox: following or conforming to the traditional or generally accepted rules or beliefs of a religion, philosophy, or practice.
Hence option B is the correct antonym.

(a) Willing
(b) Obdurate
(c) Fake

(d) Optimistic

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S7.  Ans.(b)
Sol. Pliable: easily bent; flexible.
Obdurate: stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion or course of action.
Hence option B is the correct antonym.

(a) Foiled
(b) Opposed
(c) Supported
(d) Tightened
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S8.  Ans.(c)
Sol. Thwarted: prevent (someone) from accomplishing something.
Supported: give approval, comfort, or encouragement to.
Hence option C is the correct antonym.

(a) Quick
(b) Short
(c) Awkward
(d) Graceful
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S9. Ans.(d)
Sol. Ungainly: awkward; clumsy.
Graceful: elegant.
Hence option D is the correct antonym.

(a) Rare
(b) Frequent
(c) Sharp
(d) Coordinated
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S10. Ans.(b)
Sol. Sporadic: irregular.
Frequent: recurrent.
Hence option B is the correct antonym.

(a) Obscure
(b) Obdurate
(c) Obligatory
(d) Objection
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S11.  Ans.(a)
Sol. Prominent: important, famous.
Obscure: not known about or uncertain.
Obdurate:  stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion.
 Hence option A is the correct antonym.

(a) Dependent
(b) Plain
(c) Impractical
(d) Conceal
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S12. Ans.(a)
Sol. Autonomous:  having the freedom to act independently.
Hence option A is the correct antonym.
(a) Literate
(b) Illiterate
(c) Chivalrous
(d) Gloomy
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 S13. Ans.(b)
Sol. Erudite: having or showing great knowledge or learning.
Hence option B is the correct antonym.

(a) Problematic
(b) Convenient
(c) Ghoulish
(d) Jaunty 
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S14.  Ans.(b)
Sol. Inopportune: occurring at an inconvenient or inappropriate time.
Hence option B is the correct antonym.

(a) Beautify
(b) Contort
(c) Deform
(d) Tragedy
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S15. Ans.(a)
Sol. Bruise: inflict a bruise or bruises on (a part of the body).
Beautify: improve the appearance of.
Hence option A is the correct antonym.

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