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Agnikul Cosmos launches first private space vehicle launch pad in Sriharikota

Agnikul Cosmos launches first private space vehicle: The Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota has welcomed its first launchpad and mission control centre run by a private company. Agnikul Cosmos made the announcement in November 2022. The startup, which is housed at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, also intends to use the launchpad for the end of 2022 launch of its programmable Agnibaan Rocket.

Agnikul Cosmos launches first private space vehicle: Key Points

  • Somnath, the chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), inaugurated India’s first private launchpad and mission control facility.
  • The launchpad was specifically designed with the ability to support liquid stage controlled launches in mind.
  • It also takes into account the requirement for ISRO’s range operations team to keep an eye on the critical flight safety parameters while the launches are taking place.
  • It may exchange data and other crucial information with the ISRO Mission Control Center.

India’s first launch pad for a private spacecraft and mission control facility

  • The Agnikul launchpad and the Agnikul mission control centre, which make up the complex, are separated by four kilometres.
  • During the countdown, all essential systems connecting these two portions, which are separated by around 4 km, will guarantee complete operability.
  • The launchpad was created to facilitate and accommodate liquid stage-controlled launches, according to Agnikul Cosmos.
  • The firm from Chennai also intends to use its launchpad to blast off it’s Agnibaan rocket.

Agnibaan Rocket: About

A 100 kilogramme payload can be launched by the two-stage launch vehicle Agnibaan into a low-Earth orbit 700 kilometres above the surface of the planet.

The company’s 3-D printed Agnilet engines will propulsion the Agnibaan rocket. The Agnilet rocket is a semi-cryogenic engine that propels itself using a mixture of liquid oxygen and super cold kerosene. Earlier this year, Agnikul tested the Agnilet engine at ISRO’s facilities.

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