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Adda247 YouTube Channel: Your Free Online Teacher

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Adda247 is a all round guide for every student preparing for various government examination. We have a lot of online platform like youtube, instagram, telegram, facebook and an app through which we provide guidance to thousands of our audience. Adda247 youtube channel traces its origin in 2016. Since then, we are helping aspirants to get everything they need for their preparation easily. Our you tube channel is a uniques platform which provides a range of options to choose for every one from free live classes, live analysis of all exams to providing promotional activity which can give you an insight about the study materials and benefits.

Adda247 youtube channel was launched with the objective to provide every small information and study material with video courses. We keep on updating new videos for every new notification, pattern and study courses for upcoming government examination.

Benefits of Adda247 Youtube Platform
Adda 247 gives comprehensive free online classes for banking, SSC, railways, teaching and other state examination along with technical examination.
The live classes ranges from 1 hour to 2.
There are marathon classes which runs for 8 hours to 12 hours.
Today we are running 24 hour live class.
We keep on providing live analysis of all examination so that an aspirant can connect with their performance.
You can download all the video courses, and can avail the benefit anytime anywhere.
There are also information related to the mock test and Bank Supreme built by us for students.

Composition of Adda247 Youtube Channel
The Adda247 youtube platform not only provides you with notification details but also video courses for every subjects for various government examination. If you are still unaware of the features, let us tell you that you can either look for your video in the home section or can look into different sub sections. In the home section, there is are sub-categories: SSCadda, Teachersadda, Technicaladda and Addajobs. Banking related videos are directly posted on Adda247 channel.

Features of Adda247 Youtube Channel
Here are some of the features of Adda247 Youtube channel which can give you a more comprehensive view of this platform.

Home section of Adda247

The home section of Adda channel has the latest videos related to examination. You can also look into sub-sections containing Sscadda, Teachersadda, for your preferance of courses.

Video section of Adda247

Adda247 video section provides and insight of live as well as other videos. In these videos, experts have given free live classes. As soon as you subscribe to the youtube channel, you will get every notification of the new videos uplaoded. All the videos have very relevance for the student preparing for banking as well as other government examination.

Click here for Video Section

Playlist section of Adda247

This is one best section which can provide you a playlist of your choice, the same way you create different song playlist for your mood type. This playlist is made by us only for you to choose a particular topic like we have a super educator playlist, vocab playlist, etc.

Click here for Playlist section

Community section

This one will provide you with in depth knowledge of everything you want at on place in an article as well as you tube videos. So you can get links with images of every post you want to get familiar with.

About section of Adda247

Adda247 is the best youtube for every government exam preparing aspirants. If you want to know more details with link you can go to this section of Adda247 youtube channel, you will get the basic information about the platform.

Other sub-channels

Adda247 in itself fulfills everything that a student needs. We have our featured channels like

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SSCAdda which gives information about every news related to the cgl, chsl, etc conducted by SSC. It has live online free classes available for every topic of SSC by experts.

Technicaladda is another sub-category which has details and courses by experts for technical examination like SSC JE, RRB JE, Railway JE etc also for all those aspiring to go for technical field in government examination.

Teachersadda is for students preparing for various teaching examination like CTET, DSSB, KVS, etc

Adda247 jobs gives alert and notification of every new government exam scheduled and released by different government institutions.

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