ADDA KA DANGAL Episode 8 Reasoning Questions with Solutions

ADDA KA DANGAL is dedicated to give every aspirant the toughest of fights to prepare them for the cut-throat competition of getting govt. jobs. Yesterday was reasoning ka dangal, and it had many ‘new pattern’ questions seen and expected in IBPS Exams.

Highest score obtained in yesterday’s Dangal was 125 out to 200, and it is clear the competition will get tougher on each step. And to stay up to the mark you require adequate practice. ADDA KA DANGAL will keep on challenging you with more of these ‘new pattern’ questions of bank exams so that you not only practice them, but you’ll become well aware of all the types and the way to solve them. Here we provide you, with the questions with solutions of ADDA KA DANGAL episode 8.

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Q1. From the below statement, which one of the following statement can be concluded if it is not considered in statement. That statement will be your answer.
(a) Some apples are potatoes.  
(b) Some potatoes are grapes.
(c) All grapes are apples. 
(d) All mangoes are apples.

Q2. 48 : 122 : : 168 : ? 
(a) 215
(b) 225
(c) 290
(d) 292

Q3. In a certain code DEAR is written as 81361 and LIVE is written as 441729. Then how is KIND written in that code?  
(a) 202318
(b) 119144
(c) 400324
(d) 403406

Q4. 24 : 42 : : 71 : ? 
(a) 91 
(b) 52
(c) 72
(d) 18

Q5. If Statement is ‘K=M<Q≤B, Y>L>Z<X=C, Y<X≤N<K’. Then which of the following conclusion follow in that statement?
(a) B>M<C
(b) Y>K≤B
(c) Q<N>Y
(d)B>X <Q

Q6. Find odd one out 

Q7. Pointing to a woman, Raj said, “She is the daughter of my grandfather’s only son’s sister’s daughter”. How is woman related to Raj?
(a) Sister
(b) Niece
(c) Cousin
(d) Can’t be determined

Q8. 5, 13, 31, 69, 147, ? 
(a) 305 
(b) 308 
(c) 304
(d) 307

Q9. What is a 11 letter word _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _? If starting some letters shows a bank’s name and middle some letters shows car’s name and last some letters shows a mode of transport?
(a) There is no word
(b) Fedrershipe
(c) Citizenship
(d) Bankerspace

Q10. 8, 15, 42, ?, 580, 2915 
(a) 142
(b) 141
(c) 158
(d) 402

Q11. From the below statement, which one of the following statement can be concluded if it is not considered in statement. That statement will be your answer.
(a) Some magazines are articles.
(b) All magazines are books.
(c) Some books are article.
(e) All papers are magazines.

Q12. Select the one which is different from the other three alternatives. 
(a) 41-72 
(b) 12-30 
(c) 51-42
(d) 11-20 

Q13. In a certain code ‘JARGONIZING’ is written as ‘QJVFPMMSMCK’. How will ‘INFORMATION’ be written in that code?

Q14. Find odd one out.
(a) 7-84
(b) 6-108
(c) 5-75
(d) 3-99

Q15. Which of the following symbols should replace the question mark (?) in the given expression in order to make the expressions P >A definitely true and T < L definitely false?
P ≥ L > X ? A ≥ N ? M = T
(a) =, ≥ 
(b) Both (c) and (d)
(c) ≥, <
(d) =, ≤

Q16. If the three days before yesterday was Friday. Then what will be the day of the two days after tomorrow?
(a) Friday
(b) Saturday
(c) Thursday
(d) Tuesday

Q17. Which pair of the letters in the word BEAUTIFUL has the same relationship between its letters with respect to their positions in the English alphabet as the pair EA in that word has between its letters?
(a) IB
(b) LF
(c) IE
(d) FL

Q18. In any year, world environment day was celebrated on Friday. In the same year on which day the children day was celebrated?
(a) Friday
(b) Tuesday
(c) Saturday
(d) Wednesday

Q19. What should come next in the following letter series?
C H L O Q X S O L J D I M P R W R N K ?
(a) J
(b) H
(c) I
(d) F

Q20. Dormant : Inactive : : Imbecile : ?
(a) Astute
(b) Cunning
(c) Stupid
(d) Ludicrous

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