Ace Advance Maths For SSC and Other Govt. Exams: English and Hindi Edition

Dear Students, Adda247 brings you a comprehensive book on Advance Mathematics for SSC CGL, SSC CPO, SSC CHSL, Railways and other such government job exams. We all know that 40-45% questions in Quantitative Aptitude Section of Mains level of SSC examination are from Advanced Mathematics only. So, if one has to make it to the final selections, one needs to make sure that the grip over this subject must be as strong as any other topic that is important from the examination point of view. And to help you dive deep into the core concepts of this subject, Adda247 is here with the book “Ace Advance Maths For SSC and Other Govt. Exams (English and Hindi Printed Edition)”.

This book discusses in detail, the core concepts, properties and formulas of Advance Mathematics, questions on which are asked in the examination. The following topics are covered under this book:
1. Geometry/Mensuration: For Geometry: Important theorems, Pythagoras Triplet, all the formulas of the area of a Triangle, Circle, Rectangles, Polygons, How to draw figures correctly to get the quick and correct answers. For Mensuration: Prism, Pyramid, Sphere, and Tetrahedron. Formulas like Curved Surface Area, Total Surface Area, and Volume. 
2. Algebra/Trigonometry/Height and Distance: Algebra includes basic formulas of Cubes and Squares and Trigonometric Ratios and Identities, How to solve questions making use of the options provided. 
Also, an exclusive feature of Adda247 Publications helps you access an e-version of this book that is updated as per any new changes introduced in the pattern of existing questions and more. The book incorporates more than a thousand questions on advance maths topics with their cent percent solutions. Previous year papers are also provided in the book to get the students acquainted with the questions that are generally asked in the examinations and are expected in the future examinations. It is available at a price of Rs. 349 in both English and Hindi Edition and will be delivered to you within 10-15 days post-booking it online.
Salient Features of the Book
  • Based on Latest Pattern
  • 3 Level of Exercises
  • 1000+ Multiple Choice Questions with 100% solutions
  • Includes the Previous Year Questions of all the chapters.