45 Days Study Plan | English Paper-2 | SSC CGL Tier-2 2017

45 Days Study Plan | English Paper-2 | SSC CGL Tier-2 2017 

Hello, Dear Students!! You are all aiming at govt. jobs and you are all preparing for SSC CGL Exam 2017. A job or our career choices define our lives, hence we all need to make wise and informed choices. Jobs offered by SSC are very esteemed and prestigious. You all have a great shot at such wonderful and powerful jobs which will give you a sense of achievement in life. SSC CGL Exam is a 4 tier process and the tier-1 exam has already been completed on 23rd August 2017 and result has been declared by SSC. Now the next stage, that is, CGL Tier-2 exam will be conducted from 21 December to 24 December 2017. Approx 45 days are left for the CGL Tier-2 exam 2017. We are providing 45 days study plan for English Section of CGL teir-2 2017. Follow this 45 days study plan and prepare better for the CGL Tier-2 2017 Exam.

There are total four papers in CGL Tier-2 exam namely; Paper-1 (Quantitative Abilities) and Paper-2 (English Language and Comprehension) are compulsory for all candidates, but Paper-3 (Statistics), Paper-4 (General Studies Finance & Economics) are optional. Today, we will study the smart strategy to crack English Section with highest marks. Before we start the strategy, we need to understand the exam paper, question types and the topics which carry more Weightage. We divide SSC CGL Tier-2 English mainly into 3 parts. Section-1: Vocabulary Section, Section-2: Grammatical Section, Section-3: Comprehensive Section.

Section-1: Vocabulary Section
This section is very interesting because you can easily score maximum marks in Vocab section. All you need to do is just Read English Newspaper, magazine or any article written in standard Engish. Once you understand the literal and figurative meaning of the English words, it would be easier to answer correctly all the questions based on Synonyms, Antonyms, One-word substitutions, fill in the blanks and idioms/phrases. The only trick is to revise it daily without fail.The revision should be very intense and exhaustive. we have provided The Hindu Newspaper Editorial vocabulary, read all these words daily just 15 min. and you will cover more than 100 words, you will find all these words in the exam. For one word substitutions and idioms, we have provided all important and previous years questions, you can answer correctly after solving these quizzes on Adda247 App. 
Section-2: Grammatical Section 
Grammatical part solely depends on rules. Once you remember and understand all the important rules, this part can we cracked very easily. Again, revision is the key here also. Most of the grammatical part is made of Parts of speech. You need to once go through all the parts of speech and the rules based on these grammatical terms. we have provided “100 Most Important Grammar Rules | SSC CGL Tier-II 2017”. This grammatical part plays an indispensable role in every type of questions in English section. Learn all the tenses and its usage. Conditional sentences- in every exam questions are asked from this topic in the form of fillers, error detection or sentence improvements. we have provided study notes on all grammatical parts and tenses, study these notes and attempt all the error detection and fill in the blanks questions correctly. If you are studying Noun, then learn all the rules regarding Nouns, and you can correct all the questions correctly. This approach applies to all the topics. 
Section-3: Comprehensive Section 
For these type of questions, you need to solve 5 comprehensions and cloze tests daily. Reading habits will help you in solving Jumbled Paragraphs, Voice, Narration, cloze tests and Reading Comprehension Questions. Such questions are asked to check your understanding of Engish language especially your reading habits. If you are used to reading books, novel etc in English language, then it will come naturally to you. You can easily understand the context and you can answer all the questions based on it. The important trick is to read the questions first, so that you can understand the context of the paragraph beforehand, while you read the passage very first time, you will find the answer to all the questions which you have already read. In this way, you can save precious time by not reading passage all over again for each question. when you study in these remaining days, follow this trick, it will help you tremendously. 
For an overall understanding of English Language, Students need to cultivate reading habits. Now Since, as you don’t have much time left for the SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam 2017,  read a newspaper daily and practice questions and mock tests as much as you can. Focus on your positive areas and make sure you score best in such topics. For Sentence Improvements, knowledge of tenses, sentence structure is required. So, learn and memorise important structures in the English language. For Error Detection, Knowledge of Subject-verb agreement, pronouns, adjectives, conjunctions, determiners, and tenses is required. Revise and learn all important rules for this section. For Fill in the blank type Questions, Focus on Prepositions/phrasal verbs and vocabulary. Questions are asked from these two topics. For One Word Substitution, memorise all important and frequently asked at least 300 words. For Idioms/Phrases, memorise all important and frequently asked at least 300 words/phrases. For Comprehension, Practice mock tests. For Antonym/Synonym/Spellings, learn, memorise and practice mock tests.  Always maintain a personal vocab diary, note down all the important vocabulary that you encounter in your newspaper reading. This habit will benefit you a lot. 
How many hours should you Study Every day? 
It completely depends on you. If you are sincere and dedicated to your preparation, then 8 to 11 hours/day is enough. If not, you should spend the whole day. Let’s do 1 thing. Instead of making time schedule, you just make the list of topics you should prepare per day. Based on it you can utilize your day. You should divide your time accordingly because a working person will have a different schedule than a non-working person. 
Revision is the Most Important Aspect CGL Tier-2 2017 
Many students don’t find much time to read or revise the topics they read for each subject. This is where you guys make mistake, yes you have to revise the thing you have done. Make your habit to revise the topics you read, write down the important things, maths formula (which makes you time consuming). Revision will help you to remember topics easily, and will solve the problem of forgetting and not-remembering. We have got many mails regarding this problem where students don’t remember the things they have just read. Follow this, you will definitely feel relaxed. Here is the break up of questions asked in Previous Years CGL Tier-2 English Paper. 
S.No Topic 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Number Of Questions
Spot the error
20 20 20 20
Fill In the Blanks 
5 5 5 5
3 3 3 3
3 3 3 3
Spelling/detecting mis-spelt words
3 3 3 3
Idioms & Phrases
10 10 10 10
One word substitution
12 12 12 14
Improvement of sentences
22 22 22 22
Active/Passive voice of verbs
20 20 20 20
Conversion into direct/indirect narration
27 27 27 26
Jumbled Paragraph 
20 20 20 20
cloze passage
25 25 25 24
Comprehension Passage
30 30 30 30
Total 200 Questions
Well, as you can see in the above table, the Weightage topics are ‘Spot the error’, ‘Improvement of sentences’, ‘Active/Passive voice of verbs’, ‘Conversion into direct/indirect narration’, ‘Jumbled Paragraph’, ‘cloze passage’, Idioms & Phrases, ‘One word substitution’. You need to give special attention to these topics. Practice and keep revising all the rules and tricks so that you can be prepared for the CGL Tier-2 exam completely. Now, let’s discuss the tricks and approach for above-mentioned topics in detail.

S. No. Topics Revision
1 Grammar Rules Practice Mock-1
2 Important Idioms Practice Mock-2
3 Important One Word Substitutions Practice Mock-3
4 Voice: Active/Passive Practice Mock-4
5 Narration: Direct/Indirect Practice Mock-5
6 How to solve Jumbled Paragraph Practice Mock-6
7 Spot the error Practice Mock-7
8 Fill in the blanks Practice Mock-8
9 Synonyms/Antonyms/Spellings Practice Mock-9
10 Idioms & Phrases Practice Mock-10
11 One word substitution Practice Mock-11
12 Improvement of sentences Practice Mock-12
13 Active/Passive voice of verbs Practice Mock-13
14 Conversion into direct/indirect narration Practice Mock-14
15 Jumbled Paragraph Practice Mock-15
16 cloze passage Practice Mock-16
17 Comprehension Passage Practice Mock-17
18 Spot the error Practice Mock-18
19 Fill in the blanks Practice Mock-19
20 Idioms & Phrases Practice Mock-20
21 One word substitution Practice Mock-21
22 Improvement of sentences Practice Mock-22
23 Active/Passive voice of verbs Practice Mock-23
24 Conversion into direct/indirect narration Practice Mock-24
25 Jumbled Paragraph Practice Mock-25
26 cloze passage Practice Mock-26
27 Comprehension Passage Practice Mock-27
28 Grammar Rules Practice Mock-28
29 Important Idioms Practice Mock-29
30 Important One Word Substitutions Practice Mock-30
31 Vocabulary Quiz Practice Mock-31
32 Error Detection  Practice Mock-32
33 Fill in the blanks Practice Mock-33
34 Active/Passive voice of verbs Rules  Practice Mock-34
35 Conversion into direct/indirect narration Rules  Practice Mock-35
36 How to solve Jumbled Paragraph Rules  Practice Mock-36
37 Idioms & Phrases Practice Mock-37
38 Important One Word Substitutions Practice Mock-38
39 Comprehension Passage Practice Mock-39
40 cloze passage Practice Mock-40
41 Grammar Rules Revision  Practice Mock-41
42 Improvement of sentences Practice Mock-42
43 Important Phrasal Verbs  Practice Mock-43
44 Comprehension Passage Practice Mock-44
45 Comprehension Passage Practice Mock-45


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