RRB ALP Stage 2 Study Plan : Detailed Physics & Maths Notes With Quizzes

Railway Stage 2 Exam Physics & Maths Syllabus

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Looking forward to providing you the best apt study content for every government exam at no cost thus making access to the exam content convenient for you, SSCADDA is available once again to assist you thoroughly in Railway ALP Stage 2 Exam 2018 where the motive is to enable you with Physics and Mathematics' chapters detailed notes on definitions, concepts, laws, formulae, rules and properties, important from the exam point of view. Stay in tune with SSCADDA to utilize the remaining time for Railway ALP Stage 2 and maximize your practice skills.

You just have to click on the below given Subjective Topics Links from Physics and Mathematics to grab daily PDFs on each chapter of the exam course and start study anytime and anywhere to outshine in Railway ALP Stage 2 Exam 2018 as the desirable exam is in the offing.

Physics & Maths Syllabus & Topic wise Notes:-

Mathematics For ALP Stage-II
1 Surface Area And Volume : Area of different types of triangle , 
Surfaces areas and volumes of - cube , cuboid , right circular cone,
cylinder , prism , pyramid,tetrahedron, frustum.
Mensuration Quiz 1Mensuration Quiz 2
2 Circle :- Important Theorems of Circle Circle Quiz
3 Co-ordinate Geometry : - Distance b/w two given  points , angle b/w 2 lines, different equations of line , slope of a line  Coordinate Geometry Quiz
4 Trigonometric Ratios Trigonometry Quiz 1, Trigonometry Quiz 2
5 Quadratic Equations will be updated
6 Arithmetic Progression Arithmetic Progression
7 Similar Triangles Triangle Quiz 1 ,
Triangle Quiz 2
8 Pythagoras Theorem will be updated
9 Bodmas Rule Simplification Quiz
10 Linear Equations will be updated
11 Height And Distances Height And Distance Quiz 1 ,Height & Distance Quiz 2
12 Rational and Irrational Numbers will be updated
13 Number System Number System Quiz
14 Statistics And Probability will be updated

Physics For RRB CBT2

S.No Physics Notes Physics Quiz
1 Force and laws of Motion: Click Here to Study About Force Force Quiz, Laws Of Motion Quiz 1, Laws of Motion Quiz 2
2 Gravitation : Click Here To Study About Gravitation Gravitation Quiz 1Gravitation Quiz 2
3 Kinematics Kinematics Quiz
4 Work and Energy will be updated
5 Sound will be updated
6 Current Electricity:-Electric Current , Electric Currents in Conductors, Ohm’s law , Drift of Electrons and the Origin of Resistivity , Limitations of Ohm’s Law , Resistivity of various Materials , Temperature Dependence of Resistivity , Electrical Energy, Power Combination of Resistors Series and Parallel , Cells, emf, Internal Resistance , Cells in Series and in Parallel , Kirchhoff’s Laws , Wheatstone Bridge , Meter Bridge , Potentiometer Electricity & Magnetism Quiz 1 , Electricity & magnetism Quiz 2 , Electricity & Magnetism Quiz 3
7 Heating Effect of Current Heat And Thermodynamics
8 Magnetic Effect of Current will be updated
9 Reflection of light Basics of Light Quiz
10 Dispersion of Light Light Quiz
11 The Human Eye will be updated
12 Sources of Energy Part 1 , Sources Of Energy Part 2 will be updated
13 Units and Dimensions Units and Dimensions Quiz


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