Railway Group-D Exam 2018 Mock Test Gets Extended For Today

Dear aspirants,

It is high time to converge all your focus on Railway Group D 2018 Exam. With a brilliant performance, in no time a celebrated railway job will be yours.

Mock Tests are irreplaceable sources to make aspirants work on their skills, improve their time management and gain more knowledge about a particular topic every time they choose to appear for it. And considering the same we facilitated you with our Must Attempt Mock For Railway Group-D Exam 2018 held this Sunday on 16th September 2018 to make you face your online competitors which has been extended until today. Extending Must Attempt Mock for one more day will surely help out those aspirants who couldn't make it to appear for the Mock on Sunday. Come ahead, attempt now and analyze your performance as Railway Group-D Exam 2018 is being conducted from today by the Board.

Based on the Theme: "अब  Railway Job होगी तुम्हारे हाथ, Adda247 Railway Mock के साथ", Latest Exam Pattern Based Must Attempt Mock For Railway Group-D Exam 2018 by ADDA247 will give a final touch to your preparation on fire, boost your confidence and will enhance your exam awareness.  This Mock Test is encompassed with shuffled questions from all the four mandatory sections of Railway Group D Exam same as the real exam. 

Bigger challenges make you stronger. So accept the challenge today with our Must Attempt Mock For Railway Group-D Exam 2018 which will be live on Adda247 Online Store and App. Use Coupon Code: MT18 to get it for free.  Our motive is to make your crack the exam ultimately. Factoring in it, we will also be providing Video solutions for this mock.

Steps To Attempt Free Mock

1. Go to store.adda247.com

2. Login/Sign up using your Facebook/Google Account.

3. Click on Test Series as shown below and go to Railways. You will see the All India Mock for SSC CGL Exam 2018. Click on it.

4. Click on Buy Now.

5. Click on Place Order.

6. Enter Your Contact Number.

7. Now you have to use coupon code MT18 by clicking on “Have a coupon code”. Once it shows Applied Successfully, click on proceed to pay.

8. Then you will be good to go.

Use Coupon Code AIM18 to apply for the Test. Glad tidings is that even the non-participants of All India Free Mock Test are free to watch video solutions for the same to understand the concepts unknown to you. Study anywhere and anytime to sharp your practice skills.

Coupon Code: MT18

Attempt Now!!!!

                                  All the very best for Railway Examination!!

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