Important English Questions For SSC CGL And SSC CPO 2018 Exam: 3rd June

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Following 75 Days SSC CGL Study Plan by ADDA247 and SSCADDAA, the platform is all set to deliver the quizzes and notes on each four subjects asked in SSC CGL Tier-1 Examination. Quizzes are developed under the consideration of latest pattern and level of Exam whereas notes deal with understanding the concepts, formulae, rules and sharpening your revision skills. Be a part of this study plan, visit SSCADDA website regularly to add up each day effort in your practice. SSC CGL Exam is to be conducted from 25 July to 20 August 2018. Meanwhile, SSC CPO Exam is to be held from 4 June to 10 June 2018, It is time to knuckle down to get your dream job.

Today, in this English quiz we are providing 15 English Miscellaneous Questions. To make you learn grammar rules and vocabulary effectively is the motive behind the provided quiz. Attempt this quiz and prepare yourself flawlessly. We wish you good luck for the upcoming Exams.

Directions (1-4) Improve the bracketed part of the sentence:

Q1. If (I followed) instructions I would have averted the mishap.
(a) I had followed
(b) I would have followed
(c) I were to follow
(d) No improvement
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Sol. Following the Grammar Rule i.e. Sub + had + V3+…………… Sub + would+ have + V3+…… Hence, Option A is correct.

Q2. It is a sheer foolishness to think that the education system can be improved (by doing away) examinations.
(a) by doing with
(b) by doing it to
(c) by doing away with
(d) No improvement
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Sol. Do away with (phrasal verb): put an end to; remove. Hence option C is correct.

Q3. The Vice Principal decided to resign when he was (passed over) for promotion to Principal.
(a) passed by
(b) passed off
(c) passed out
(d) No improvement
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Sol.  pass over-to skip over someone or something; to fail to select someone or something.
Hence no improvement is needed.

Q4. The cities are (bursting on the seams) with people.
(a) bursting on seams
(b) bursting at seams
(c) bursting at the seams
(d) No improvement
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Sol. Bursting at the seams→ If a place is bursting at the seams, it has a very large number of people or things in it.
Hence option C fits in the context.

Directions (5-7): In the following question, sentences are given with blanks to be filed in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four as your answer.

Q5. The petition before the court prayed for ____________ the appointment orders issued by the management.
(a) removing
(b) granting
(c) posting
(d) quashing
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Sol.  Quash: reject as invalid, especially by legal procedure. Hence Option D fits in the context.

Q6. He waited with ________ breathe for the door to open.
(a) baited
(b) bated
(c) beaten
(d) bitten
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Sol. Baited is the Past Participle of the verb ‘bait’ which means deliberately annoy or taunt.
Bated is an adjective which means in great suspense; very anxiously or excitedly.
An adjective with an apt meaning is required to complete the sentence. Hence option B fits in the context.

Q7. Fortune ________ very often, such was his ill luck.
(a) grinned at
(b) imposed on
(c) eluded
(d) grasped at
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Sol. Elude: escape from or avoid (a danger, enemy, or pursuer), typically in a skillful way.
Hence option C fits in the context.

Directions (8-10): In the following questions, out of the given four alternatives, one word is mis-spelt. Find the mis-spelt word.

(a) Hitchhiker
(b) Innuendo
(c) Hemoerrhage
(d) Iridescent
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Sol. Correct Spelling is Hemorrhage.

(a) Pellicle
(b) Pilgrimage
(c) Portrait
(d) Parepet
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Sol. Correct selling is Parapet.

(a) Luminiscent
(b) Lusciousness
(c) Lavatory
(d) Localization
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Sol. Correct selling is Luminescent.

Directions (11-15): In the following questions, sentence is split into four parts & named P, Q, R & S. These four parts are not given in their proper order. Read the sentence/passage and find out which of the four combinations is connect. Then find the correct answer and indicate it by blackening the appropriate circle in the Answer Sheet.

P. and the cost price for the buyer is reduced 
Q. in the end, every time an individual is able to claim
R. because of a lower tax liability
S. input tax credit, the sail price is reduced
(a) QPRS
(b) QSPR
(c) QPSR
(d) RPQS
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Sol. Option B makes the passage meaningful.

P. pretended to discover the impossible 
Q. those who claim to discover everything
R. may be confuted as having actually 
S. but produce no proofs of the same
(a) QRPS
(b) QRSP
(c) QSRP
(d) SPQR
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Sol. Option C makes the passage meaningful.

Q13. A number of measures 
(P) the financial conditions of the Municipal Corporations.
(Q) for mobilization of resources.
(R) in order to improve
(S) are being taken by the state Governments.
(a) PSQR
(b) QRSP
(c) RSQP
(d) SQRP
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Sol. Option D makes the passage meaningful.

Q14. I have not come
(P) even if it means some humiliation and admit he broke our window pane.
(Q) but the boy must learn
(R) to complain, he said,
(S) to be honest
(a) PRQS
(b) RQSP
(c) QSPR
(d) SPRQ
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Sol. Option B makes the passage meaningful.

Q15. The claim is not
(P) of any kind
(Q) but 
(R) that it is without morality
(S) that science is actively anti-moral.
(a) PSQR
(b) RPQS
(c) RQSP
(d) SQRP
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Sol. Option D makes the passage meaningful.

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