Common Errors In English For SSC CGL And SSC CPO Exam 2018 : FREE PDF

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In all competitive Exams, English Language Section often becomes an impediment for aspirants. More specifically the aspirants who are phobic to English Language miss the golden opportunity to crack the prestigious exams. The most recent opportunity is SSC CGL 2018 Pre Exam which is to be held from 25 July to 20 August 2018. Along side we have SSC CPO Exam 2018 which is to be conducted in upcoming month where 50 questions from English Language throw down the gauntlet. Set the wheels in motion as not enough time is remaining to stick to the books and capture the vast course. 

Pdfs are the best online sources to keep copacetic storage of study material in your pocket thus escaping time boundedness by confining to a particular place of study content by many aspirants. In today's pdf, all the important and subtle errors adjoining explanation of rules and notes with separate examples are contained, which a myriad number of aspirants are oblivious of. Without making it hectic and perplexing, we have elucidated the most important grammar errors in an ordered and simplified manner. To provide a great collection of error-free content for SSC exams we are extending the quality of study material to the apex. We wish you all the best for your exams.

1. ‘Unnecessary use of prepositions’
(A) Leave → depart from
Hence using leave from/left from is wrong.
 For eg. (a) (i) Anu left from Italy last Saturday. (×)
 (ii) Anu left Italy last Saturday. (✓)
(B) Reach → Arrive at
‘Avoid using any preposition after reach’
 For eg. (a) (i) We reached at the office early. (×)
(ii) We reached the office early. (✓)

2. Use Gerund (V + ing) Instead of Infinitive (To + V₁) in following cases: 
After some certain verbs.
enjoy + V₁ + ing, practice + V₁ + ing, stop + V₁ + ing, avoid + V₁ + ing, mind + V₁ + ing, risk + V₁ + ing, finish + V₁ + ing.
Some examples are as follows.
(a) (i) Has she finished to speak? (×)
 (ii) Has she finished speaking? (✓)
(b) (i) You can’t avoid to make mistakes. (×)
 (ii) You can’t avoid making mistakes. (✓)

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