Daily Vocabulary For SSC CGL And CPO Exam 2018: 16th May

Daily Vocab for Various Competitive Exams

In this modern era, everything seems incomplete without the involvement of English in our daily life. And no one can deny the importance of Vocabulary that is a momentous section to score up to the mark. SSC CPO And SSC CGL 2018 Exams are nearby opportunities where dealing with English Section may demand a grip over enticingly illustrious words.

We are providing prominent words for each day facilitated with synonyms, antonyms, their proper usage through examples which will surely ease your grapple of storing apt number of  words in your memory for longer time and in an effective way. It will be our pleasure to add up in your efficiency with each passing day leaving you well prepared for vying part of life.

1. Sardine: (verb)=एक साथ बारीकी से पैक
Meaning: pack closely together.
Synonyms: bind, cram, pile, heap, choke, compress, condense
Antonyms: enlarge, expand, extend, lengthen, dismantle, disperse

2. Muffle: (verb)=ढकना
Meaning: wrap or cover for warmth.
Synonyms: dampen, deaden, hush, muzzle, squelch, stifle, subdue
Antonyms: encourage, increase, divulge, expose

3. Colossal: (adjective)=अति विशाल
Meaning: extremely large or great.
Synonyms: enormous, gigantic, immense, mammoth, vast, immense
Antonyms: miniature, minute

4. Exacerbate: (verb)=ख़राब करना
Meaning: make (a problem, bad situation, or negative feeling) worse.
Synonyms: aggravate, annoy, intensify, provoke, exasperate, enrage
Antonyms: alleviate, appease, delight, soothe, pacify

5. Assimilate: (verb)=आत्मसात्‌ करना
Meaning: take in and understand fully (information or ideas).
Synonyms: comprehend, grasp, incorporate, digest, ingest, learn
Antonyms: exclude, misinterpret, overlook, misunderstand

6. Spurious: (adjective)=नक़ली
Meaning: not being what it purports to be; false or fake.
Synonyms: bogus, phony, specious, assumed, contrived
Antonyms: genuine, real, true, valid, authentic

7. Farce: (noun)=तमाशा
Meaning: an event or situation that is absurd or disorganized.
Synonyms: absurdity, caricature, mockery, parody, travesty, interlude
Antonyms: seriousness, solemnity, sobriety, tragedy

8. Clout: (verb)=प्रभाव
Meaning: hit (someone or something) hard.
Synonyms: blow, clobber, cuff, smack, strike, smack, whack

9. Diligence :(noun)=लगन
Meaning: careful and persistent work or effort.
Synonyms: alertness, earnestness, intensity, vigor, assiduity, exertion
Antonyms: inactivity, disregard, lethargy, indolence, ignorance

10. Petulant: (adjective)=ढीठ
Meaning: (of a person or their manner) childishly sulky or bad-tempered.
Synonyms: cranky, fractious, impatient, sullen, whiny, caviling, grouchy
Antonyms: agreeable, cheerful, patient, willing

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