List of Countries and their National Sport | CHSL & Railway Exam 2018

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General Awareness is an equally important section containing same weightage of 25 questions in SSC CGL, CHSL, MTS exams and has an even more abundant importance in some other exams conducted by SSC. General Science is a scoring part consisting of the more number of questions than other parts. And not keeping this section in your priority list can stick your neck out to not let you bear the palm.

To let you make the most of GA section, we are providing names of National Sport of Various Countries. Also Railway Exam is nearby with bunches of posts for the interested candidates in which General Science is a major part to be asked for various posts exams. We have covered important notes focusing on these prestigious exams. We wish you all the best of luck to come over the fear of General Awareness section

Countries And Their National Sports

Afghanistan Buzkashi
Argentina Pato
Australia Cricket
Bangladesh Kabaddi
Bahamas Cricket
Bhutan Archery
Brazil Football
Canada Lacrosse (summer), Ice hockey (winter)
China Table Tennis
Chile Chilean Rodeo
Colombia Tejo
England Cricket
India Field Hockey
Iceland Hand Ball
Iran Varzesh-e Bastani
Israel Football
Japan Sumo Wrestling
Mauritius Football
Mexico Charreria
Nepal Volleyball
New Zealand Rugby Union
Pakistan Field Hockey
Philippines Arnis
Russia Bandy
South Korea Taekwondo
Sri Lanka Volleyball
Turkey Oil wrestling & Cirit
United States Baseball
Venezuela Baseball

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