SSC Stenographer Tier-I 2017 Questions: 14th September-2nd Shift

Dear Readers,

These questions are based review given by students who have attempted the SSC Stenographer exam. Candidates having Stenographer Exam in other shifts can go through these questions and can expect these types of questions to be asked in upcoming shifts as well.

Q1. Who leads the joint sitting of the parliament? 

Q2. Why earth revolves around the sun?

Q3. The book "The life Divine" is written by?

Q4. Which scheme was named as NYP in 2015?

Q5. Why water splits on floor?

Q6. Who defeated England in 2015 World Cup?

Q7. Which gas increases global warming?

Q8. Kathakali is related to which state?

Q9. Which of the following is not a computer language?

Q10. One question related to Indus valley.

Q11. One question related to vitamin.

Q12. One question related to Rajayabhishek?

Q13. Who invented Mercury thermometer?

Q14. Which of the following is not listed in the world biosphere list?

Q15. Pacemaker is placed in?

Q16. National congress party was formed in which year?

Q17. Smash is related to which game?

Q18 kalinga award is given by?

Q19. Vice president is selected by?

Q20. During photosynthesis light energy is converted into?

Q21. Which amendment decreased the age for voting from 21 to 18?

Q22. Which gas is present in tear gas?

Q23. Insulin is present in which part of body?

Q24. Which forest is best for sandalwood tree?

Q25. Which of the following is an input device?

Q26. Virus is made up of?

Q27. Krishnadev Rai was the king of which kingdom?

Q28. What is the full form of PMSBY?

Q29. Which of the following is not a small industry?

Q30. Solder is made up of?

Q31. An insect have how many numbers of feet?

Q32. What is GST?

Q33. Which is the oldest range of Himalayas?

Q34. One question from thought of shuttle kootniti?



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