How to Study Long Hours and Succeed in Bank/SSC Exams

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How to study long hours and Succeed in Bank/SSC Exams

These days The competitive exams have become an enigma and elusive to crack and achieve success. And this competitive world is filled with unnecessary complexity and thousands of educational experts sharing ideas and approaches that are not only conflicting but redundant. If there is anything that you should follow is strength training, it's that mastering the fundamentals is more valuable than worrying about other details. Most of the students make this mistake of directly solving exam papers and tough questions without even clearing basic concepts, and that is a faulty study mechanism. even after putting a lot effort, you still miss the final selection. So, in order to crack the code to success, you need to dig deep and understand what is necessary to do.

Strength Training: The Fundamental Theory 

Dear students, You have all been preparing for competitive exams for long, now is the time to introspect and connect the dot to achieve elusive success in your chosen exams.  “When you first start to study a subject, it seems like you have to memorize zillion things. Actually, You don’t have to. What you need is to identify the basic topics of the subject(key concepts). The million things you thought you had to memorize are simply various combinations of these basic topics, formulas, and concepts.” As students, you have been misguided in regards to correct ways of fighting for competition. Clearing your fundamentals of any subject is key to success, that is what is called 'Strength Training'. 

All the Students should Follow the Greek method of Progressive Training.

Dear friends, Read this inspirational story and get the correct perspective on competition and life in general. Today, we will share a story of Milo of Croton - The Great Ancient Greek Olympian.
He was the greatest and strongest wrestler of Greece. He won six consecutive Olympic medals! the Big question is "How did he become so strong"? Milo started his training by lifting a newborn calf. You might be thinking that is so easy a task to perform, what's the catch,  What's the point in lifting a tiny calf? but wait. Whereas his competitors attempted to lift an adult bull instead. And they all laughed off the calf lifting. they all mocked Milo and discouraged him. Milo carried the calf daily, all the time. The calf grew slowly and so did Milo's strength.And ultimately Milo could lift a bull effortlessly. But his smart and stupid competitors were still trying to lift the bull. Sometimes succeeding, maybe, but not excelling like Milo. Smart Milo.

So students, Learn from Milo. Here, calf symbolizes your exam syllabus and preparatory part. Buy a calf. Lift it daily. wait, wait do not go for a calf but for books and exam material. The philosophy is same whether you wanted to be a world champion wrestler or crack one of the toughest exams in India. Practice the way legends have done earlier and achieved greatness. There will be days when you may keep it down at times, but never for long. Lift it again, study again and let it grow slowly.  Over time you will complete your syllabus without much burden, and this learning will never fade away. One day you will definitely be able to lift a bull. you will definitely crack the exam, the competition and you will emerge victoriously.  All the best.

This story is definitely about a wrestler and a calf but it is no different than yours. It completely fits in your life scenario. The calf symbolizes your exam syllabus. You all feel petrified and unwilling to take the exams head on because of the vast nature of syllabus and competition. But Students, You should know "the Rome was not built in a day". let's discuss three of the core principles of strength training that are hidden in the story of Milo and the bull. Here they are…

1. Start Small: Focus on Volume.

Did Milo try to lift a full-grown bull on day one? Of course not. He began with a newborn calf. Given his wrestling prowess, it is very likely that this was a weight that was easy for him. It works the same way for you all. When you begin strength training, you should start by studying some easy and familiar topics. Then gradually move forward towards the challenging topics that bother you most. So, it's gradual learning but rock solid. this way, you will not be worn out and you will gain confidence by achieving small.

2. Never Ever miss Practice.

Dear Students, Milo's strategy wouldn't have worked very well if he tried to pick up the bull on its birthday each year. The calf would have grown too much and Milo would have grown too little. And yet, this is exactly the strategy many of us employ. Once or twice per year, often around the New Year, people will try to “pick up a bull” by getting incredibly motivated and exercising like never before—only to fizzle out a few weeks later. A more useful strategy is to start with something incredibly small, an exercise that is so easy you can't say no to it, and then repeat and improve slowly. If you want to make progress, you have to make a reasonable, sustained effort.

3. Increase in very small ways.

Every day, Milo's calf grew just a little bit. An ounce here, a pound there. And yet, these tiny gains added up to a very significant weight in a relatively short amount of time. It works the same way in competitive exams. Dear students, You need to study daily and cover small but solid topics. this way you will not get exhausted and you will be energetic for the next day. Tiny gains add up fast. Average speed can take you far if you just keep walking. The preparation and learning should grow like a calf in a field: slowly, gradually, reasonably. when you study this way, your learning is complete and effective. And most importantly, you no longer face failure, you achieve desired success in the exams. and live a respectable, healthy and prosperous life.  At ADDA247, we wish you success and prosperity.

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