Questions on Polity for SSC CHSL and RRB NTPC 2016

Q1.Who was the first lok sabha speaker?
(b)Meera kumar
(c)Rajeendra prasad

Q2.Which of the following state has uniform civil code been implemented ?

Q3.Which of the following articles of the Indian constitution deals with citizenship in India?
(a) Article 333 to 337
(b) Article 17 to 20
(c) Article 05 to 11
(d) Article 01 to 04

Q4.Who appoints the prime minister?
(b)Chief justice of supreme court
(c)Leader of Majority party
(d)None of these

Q5.Which of the following articles deals with the prohibition of traffic in human beings?
(a)Article 21
(b)Article 22
(c)article 23
(c)article 24

Q6.Who was the first chief election commissioner of india?
(a)Sukumar sen 
(d)S.P.Sen Verma

Q7.Which Article of the constitution says that "india, that is Bharat shall be a union of states"?
(a) Article 3 
(b) Article 4
(c) Article 1 
(d) Article 6

Q8.The phrase equality before law used in Article 14 of Indian Constitution has been borrowed from the Constitution of...
(a) Britain 
(b) USA
(c) France 
(d) Canada

Q9.Which Article of Indian Constitution is related with the Protection of the interests of the minorities?
(a) Article 17 
(b) Article 29
(c) Article 30 
(d) Article 31

Q10.Under which Constitutional Amendment has education for children aged 6 to 14 years become Fundamental Right?
(a) 93rd Amendment 
(b) 86th Amendment
(c) 91st Amendment 
(d) 92nd Amendment

Q11.The provision of the sixth schedule shall not apply in which one of the following states?
(a) Meghalaya 
(b) Tripura
(c) Mizoram 
(d) Goa

Q12.Who is the first woman chief justice of supreme court?
(a)M.Fathima Beevi
(b)Leila Seth
(c)sarojini Naidu
(d)Pratibha Patil

Q13.Which article is related to eligibility of the President?
(a) Article 52 
(b) Article 58
(c) Article 55 
(d) Article 51

Q14.Ordinary bill is introduced in:
(a) Lok Sabha
(b) Rajya Sabh
(c) Bhoth A and B
(d)None of the above

Q15.Who was the first chief Minister of uttar pradesh?
(a)Govind Ballabh pant
(c)Chandra Bhanu Gupta
(d)sarojini Naidu


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