Directions (1-15): An idiom and four possible meanings are given. Identify the meaning of the idiom from among the answer choices and mark its number as your answer.

Q1. Child’s play
(a) to handle a situation calmly
(b) to dispute over petty points
(c) an easy task
(d) to treat lightly

Q2. On thin ice
(a) on the verge of ruins
(b) unbounded
(c) in the open air
(d) in a precarious situation

Q3. Bury the hatchet
(a) decide to end hostility
(b) to keep under control
(c) to retire from active life
(d) to turn pale

Q4. Cut no ice
(a) unable to perform
(b) feel uncomfortable
(c) come to nothing
(d) have no influence or effect

Q5. It makes no odds
(a) come to a compromise
(b) quite certain
(c) to cause no interest
(d) it is not important

Q6. Out of the way
(a) far away
(b) not common
(c) out of sight
(d) envious

Q7. Up to the mark
(a) in the same level
(b) quite satisfactory
(c) influential
(d) in tune with

Q8. In the air
(a) prevalent
(b) lacking
(c) flying
(d) hovering

Q9. End in smoke
(a) catch fire
(b) come to nothing
(c) become smoky
(d) fruitful

Q10. Take to task
(a) remind
(b) reprove
(c) reject
(d) avoid

Q11. Smell a rat
(a) to suspect
(b) to chase
(c) inspire
(d) inhale foul smell

Q12. At the first blush
(a) in the prime of youth
(b) at first sight
(c) the first talk 
(d) the pink colour

Q13. In black and white
(a) colourless
(b) in writing
(c) unconditional
(d) in angry mood

Q14. Stand in good stead
(a) enjoy
(b) attempt
(c) helping attitude
(d) prove useful

Q15. Changed colour
(a) changed attitude
(b) turned pale
(c) rejoiced
(d) looked fresh


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