Directions (1-7): In these questions, sentences are given with blank to be filled in with an appropriate word. Four alternatives are suggested for each question. Choose the correct alternative out of the four alternative.

Q.1 The Centre claims it would end up saving almost Rs. 22,000 crore in the financial years of 2014-15 and 2015-16 since launching its two-pronged approach on cooking gas subsidy — introducing direct bank transfers of the subsidy and asking -------- consumers to voluntarily give up theirs.
(a) put off
(b) best of
(c) better off
(d) put up

Q.2 The audit has found that the saving from people ------ giving up LPG subsidy and direct bank transfers adds up to less than Rs. 2,000 crore.
(a) sub judice
(b) prejudice
(c) involuntarily
(d) voluntarily

Q.3 The Modi government ------ carrying out a high decibel campaign ‘GiveItUp’, calling upon consumers to give up their LPG subsidies.
(a) has been
(b) has be
(c) had being
(d) have being

Q.4 Man is essentially a ------- animal and tends to associate with others.
(a) sentimental
(b) gregarious
(c) selfish
(d) perverse

Q.5 Why do we always have to submit ------------- his authority?
(a) under
(b) with
(c) for
(d) to

Q.6 The master assured her ……. Success in the examination.
(a) of
(b) in
(c) for
(d) with

Q.7 The child was so spoiled by her indulgent parents that she became --------------- when she did not receive all of their attention.
(a) sullen
(b) elated
(c) discreet
(d) suspicious

Directions (8-15): In each question, a part of sentence is printed in bold. Below each sentence, some phrases are given which can substitute the italicized part of the sentence. Find out the phrase which can correctly substitute that part of the sentence. If the sentence is correct as it is, the answer is ‘No correction required’ or ‘No improvement’.

Q8.Practically every part of the banana tree is used by man.
(a) most part                           
(b) any part                              
(c) each part                            
(d) No improvement required

Q9.No sooner I saw the tiger than I ran away.
(a) No sooner I had seen     
(b) No sooner did I see        
(c) As soon as I saw               
(d) No improvement

Q10.The need of the hour Was some fast action on the part of the leaders.
(a) needed                                
(b) needing                              
(c) needs                   
(d) No correction required

Q11.Shakespeare lived for the reigns of Elizabeth I and James.
(a) in                                           
(b) since                    
(c) during                 
(d) No improvement

Q12.The teacher asked the intruder who was he and why was he occupying his chair.
(a) who he was and why he was                                      
(b) who he Was and why was he
(c) who he had been and why he had been                 
(d) No improvement

Q13.Bad habits must be nipped at the bud.
(a) nipped off the bud          
(b) nipped in the bud           
(c) nipped on the bud          
(d) No improvement

Q14.Old habits die hardly.
(a) die much hardly              
(b) die hard                              
(c) die too hard       
(d) No improvement

Q15.No one should talked to me.
(a) will talked                      
(b) needs talk   
(c) should talk                   
(d) No improvement


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