Math Questions for SSC CHSL and RRB NTPC EXAM

Q1. A man spends 40% of his monthly salary on food and one-third of the remaining on transport. If he saves Rs. 4,500 per month which is equal to half the balance after spending on food and transport, his monthly salary is:    
(a) Rs. 11,250
(b) Rs. 22,500
(c) Rs. 25,000
(d) Rs. 45,000

Q2. In a big garden 60% of the trees are coconut trees. 25% of the number of coconut trees are mango trees and 20% of the number of mango trees are apple trees. If the number of apple trees in the garden in 1440 then find the total number of trees in the garden:  
(a) 48000
(b) 50000
(c) 51000
(d) 45000

Q3. A spider climbed 62 1/2% of the height of the pole in one hour and in the next hour it covered  12 1/2  % of the remaining height. If pole’s height is 192 m, then the distance climbed in second hour is 
(a) 3 m 
(b) 5 m 
(c) 7 m 
(d) 9 m 

Q4. A man sells two pipes at Rs. 12 each. He gains 10% on one and loses 10% on the other. In the whole transaction…
(a)  Neither loss nor gain 
(b)  1 % Profit
(c)  1% Loss
(d)  None of the above

Q5. A man sells two chairs at Rs. 120 each and by doing so gains 25% on one chair and loses 25% on the other. His loss on the whole in Rs. is  
(a) 20
(b) 16
(c) 25
(d) 30

Q6. A dealer sold a bicycle at a profit of 10%. Had he bought the bicycle at 10% less price and sold it at a price Rs. 60 more, he would have gained 25%. The cost price of the bicycle was: 
(a) Rs. 2400
(b) Rs. 2200
(c) Rs. 2000
(d) Rs. 2600 

Q7. A man sells an article at a gain of 15%. If he had bought it at 10% less and sold it for Rs. 4 less, he would have gained 25%. The cost price of the article is 
(a) Rs. 140
(b) Rs. 150
(c) Rs. 160
(d) Rs. 185 

Q8. The marked price of an article is 10% higher than cost price. A discount of 10% is given on marked price. In this kind of sale, the seller bears:  
(a) no loss no gain 
(b) a loss of 5%
(c) a gain of 1%
(d) a loss of 1% 

Q9. There would be a 10% loss. If rice is sold at Rs. 54 per kg. To earn a profit of 20%, the price of rice per kg will be  
(a) Rs. 72
(b) Rs. 70
(c) Rs. 63
(d) Rs. 65 
Q10. The simple interest on Rs. 7,300 from 11 May, 1987 to 10 September, 1987 (both days included) at 5% per annum is 
(a) Rs. 123
(b) Rs. 103
(c) Rs. 200
(d) Rs. 223

Q12. What equal installment of annual payment will discharge a debt which is due as Rs. 848 at the end of 4 years at 4% per annum simple interest?  
(a) Rs. 212
(b) Rs. 200
(c) Rs. 250
(d) Rs. 225 

Q13. A certain sum amounts to Rs. 5,832 in 2 years at 8% per annum compound interest, the sum is:  
(a) Rs. 5,000
(b) Rs. 5,200
(c) Rs. 5,280
(d) Rs. 5,400 

Q14. What sum will give Rs. 244 as the difference between simple interest and compound interest at 10% in  1 (1/2) years compounded half yearly? 
(a) Rs. 40,000
(b) Rs. 36,000
(c) Rs. 32,000
(d) Rs. 28,000

Q15. In a mixture of 75 liters, the ratio of milk to water is 2 : 1. The amount of water to be further added to the mixture so as to make the ratio of the milk to water 1 : 2 will be 
(a) 45 litres 
(b) 60 litres 
(c) 75 litres 
(d) 40 litres 

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