English Quiz Synonym (Evening) SSC CGL and CPO 2016

Directions (1-10): Choose the option closest in meaning to the word given.

Q1. Low-key
(a) Official
(b) Secret 
(c) Subdued
(d) Complicated

Q2. Stipulation
(a) Imitation
(b) Signal
(c) Excitement
(d) Requirement

Q3. Antithesis
(a) Fixed dislike
(b) Musical response
(c) Lack of feeling
(d) Direct opposite

Q4. Transitory
(a) Short-lived
(b) Idle
(c) Unexpected
(d) Clear

Q5. Entrenched
(a) Filled up
(b) Fortified
(c) Followed by
(d) Kept down

Q6. Lot
(a) Right
(b) Folly
(c) Fate
(d) Oath

Q7. Apprehension
(a) Gratitude
(b) Apology
(c) Dread
(d) Punishment

Q8. Amenable
(a) Religious
(b) Masculine
(c) Proud
(d) Agreeable

Q9. Affluent
(a) Neutral
(b) Sentimental
(c) Wealthy
(d) Handsome

Q10. Counterpart
(a) Hindrance
(b) Peace offering
(c) Password
(d) Complementary


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