SSC CGL 2016: What could be the Strategy & Pattern on General Awareness

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SSC has changed the  pattern of SSC CGL Examination 2016 . Now, it is online. This time SSC has increased the marks of each questions in Tier 1 and reduces the number of questions, Each questions carry 2 marks . Most of the students always feel heat in general awareness portion as it remain one of the toughest portion in SSC examination. So Here, we will discuss the strategy and the expected pattern to go through the General awareness portion in Tier 1 examination.

Expected Number of Questions may be asked in General Awareness for SSC CGL (25 questions).

•  General Science: This is the gist of general knowledge section. It has a weightage of around 6-8 questions (approximately). It is mainly divided into three important sections. Each of the three section have 2-3 questions each.

  • Physics 
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

General Science
Expected Number of Questions
2-3 Questions
2-3 Questions
3-4 Questions

• Indian history: (Students need to focus more on  Modern Indian History)

• Geography

• Indian Polity : (Indian Polity always remain one of the important and interesting portion of General awareness . Students will get 2-3 questions of Polity)

• Indian Economics

Expected Number of Questions
2-3 Questions
3-5 Questions
3-4 Questions
2-3 Questions

Current Affairs + Static General Awareness : This is a section which will attract news readers and aspirants which stay up-to-date with what is happening in India and all around the world. The main topics you need to prepare for current affairs are- Whose who, books author, prize, entertainment, etc topics along with some static portion like national parks , rivers and many more miscellaneous topics

Students need to work smartly especially in General awareness portions, as from now onward it will be a big game changer for students. Each questions carry 2 marks  and it also safes a lot of time , It is like a bread and butter.Knowing General awareness in examination also help to raise confidence which can be beneficial for other portions. Friends remember, all of you are on same platform only difference lies in the knowledge of general knowledge . Now the importance of this portion can be imagined as a crucial as each questions carry 2 marks . Good attempt can be  consider as 13-18 marks in examination , as it will fetch 25-35 marks easily and will help to go through to the next stage.

This Information is based on the analysis of last year general awareness 50 questions based pattern . SSC Adda is going to provide Mock Test series strictly based  on the new pattern . Students for more information and strategy remain in touch with SSC Adda and make sure you remain updated with SSC Adda for  good marks in SSC CGL Examination.


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