English Quiz for SSC CGL 2016

1)I have _______________ to travel throughout Brazil.
 a.always wanted 
 b.wanted always  
 c.always been wanted 
 d.None of the above are correct.
Ans- a
2)Choose the correct sentence.
 a.Have you been exercising with Glen? 
 b.Has Glen exercised lately? 
 c.Is Glen exercising right now? 
 d.Only answer 3 is correct. 
 e.All the answers are correct.
 Ans- e

3)She _____________ six days a week.
 a.usually works 
 b.works usually 
 c.is usually works 
 d.is working usually
 Ans- a

4)Charley _____________ telling silly jokes.
 a.is always 
 b.always is 
 c.has always 
 d.had always
Ans- a

5)When it ___________ hot tomorrow, the fans will turn on automatically.
 a.is going to get 
 b.will get 
 d.is gets
 Ans- c

6)John was stopped by the police on the way home. He —– too fast.
 a.was driving
 b.had driven
 c.had been driving
 Ans- c

7)A new hotel —— in the center of town.
 a.is being built
 b.is built
 d.is building

8)You should see the new Brad Pitt film. He plays the part of a cowboy who —- up a lawless town.
 d.is cleaning

9) ——- the football match on TV last night?
 a.Did you see
 b.Do you see
 c.Have you seen
 d.Were you seeing
 Ans- a

10) I ——- my foot playing tennis last week, and now I can hardly walk.

 c.have injured

 d.was injuring
Ans- b


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