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Polity Quiz for SSC CGL 2016

Polity Quiz for SSC CGL 2016_40.1
1.The first finance commission was constituted in :
(a) 1950
(b) 1951
(c) 1952
(d) 1954
2.When will demand become a grant ?
(a)When a demand is proposed
(b)After the discussion on demand is over
(c)After the demand is granted
(d)When the Budget Session is closed
3.The Finance Commission—
(a)Draws up Five Year Plans
(b)Formulates Monetary Policy
(c)Recommends pay revision of Central Government Employees
(d)Adjudicates on the sharing of resources between Centre and the States
4.The President of India by order constitutes a Finance Commission every—
(a)third year
(b)fifth year
(c)fifth year or earlier as necessary
(d)seventh year
5.The entry Public Health and Sanitation is included in the Constitution of India in—
(a) Union List
(b) State List
(c) Concurrent List
(d) None of these
6.Which of the following is/are the function/ functions of the Finance Commission of India ?
1.Distribution of the taxes which are divisible between the Union and the States
2. To recommend the principles which should govern the grant-in-aid of the revenues of the States out of the Consolidated Fund of India
Select the correct answer using the code given below—
(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c) Both 1 and 2
(d) Neither 1 nor 2
7.In which one of the following does the subject of Co-operative Societies fall ?
(a) Union List
(b) State List
(c) Concurrent List
(d) Residuary Powers of Union Government
8.Who is the Chairman of Second Administrative Reforms Commission ?
(a) Bimal Jalan
(b) Karan Singh
(c) M. Veerappa Moily
(d) Ahmed Patel
9.What is the period covered by the recommendation of the 12th Finance Commission ?
(a) Year 2004 – 2009
(b) Year 2005 – 2010
(c) Year 2006 – 2.011
(d) Year 2007- 2012

10. Which one of the following is the subject of Concurrent List?
B.Criminal matters
C.Radio and Television
D.Foreign affairs