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Polity Quiz (Evening) for SSC CGL 2016

Polity Quiz (Evening) for SSC CGL 2016_40.1
1.Procedure for creation of Legislative Council in States has been described in which Article of the Constitution ?
(a) Article 69
(b) Article 169
(c) Article 269
(d) Article 369
2.Which of the constitutional provision lays down that taxes can neither be levied nor collected without the authority of law ?
(a) Article 265
(b) Article 266
(c) Article 300
(d) Article 368
3.Functions to be assigned to Panchayats by 73rd Amendment of the Constitution are mentioned in—
(a) Tenth Schedule
(b) Eleventh Schedule
(c) Twelfth Schedule
(d) Nineth Schedule
4.Article 249 of the Indian Constitution deals with—
(a)Emergency power of the President
(b)Dissolution of the Lok Sabha
(c)Administrative power of the Parliament
(d)Legislative power of the Parliament with respect to a matter in the State List 
5.Which provision relating to the Fundamental Rights is directly related to the exploitation of children ?
(a) Article 17
(b) Article 19
(c) Article 23
(d) Article 24
6.Which of the following writs/orders of the High Court/Supreme Court is brought to get an order of an authority quashed?
C.Quo Warranto
D.Habeas Corpus
7.Civil equality implies
A.Equality before Law
B.Equality of Opportunity
C.Equal Distribution of Wealth
D.Equal Right to participate in the affairs of the State
8.Who is the guardian of Fundamental Rights enumerated in Indian Constitution?
A.Supreme Court
9.Which part of the Indian Constitution deals with ‘Fundamental Rights’?
A.Part I
B.Part II
C.Part III
D.Part IV
10.Which one of the following is the guardian of Fundamental Right?
C.Political parties
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