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Geography Quiz for SSC CGL 2016

Geography Quiz for SSC CGL 2016_40.1
1.The number indicating the intensity of an earthquake on a Richter scale range between—
(a) 1 to 7
(b) 1 to 8
(c) 1 to 9
(d) 1 to 12
2.Which is not a topography produced by volcanocity-
(a) Cones
(b) Crater
(c) Caldera
(d) Cirque
3.Which of the following is not an effect of volcanic eruptions—
(a)Tsunamis or seismic waves
(b)Climatic changes
(c)Extiction of species
(d)Creation of cyclones
4.Which of the following continents has no active volcanoes—
(a) Africa
(b) Australia
(c) North America
(d) South America
5.‘A valley of ten thousand smokes’ is the name given to a zone near the volcano—
(a)Mauna loa of Hawaie
(b)Pinatabu of Philippines
(c)Pelle in the Caribbean sea
(d)Katmai of Alaska
6.Ema is an example of—
(a)Active volcano
(b)Dormant volcano
(c)Extinct volcano
(d)Plateau in a volcano region
7.Which of the following active volcanoes is known as ‘the light house of the Mediterranean Sea’—
(a) Volcano 
(b) Stromboli 
(c) Vesuvius
(d) Ema 
Ans- B
8.Which of the following is the highest active volcano in the world ?
(a) Etna
(b) Fujiyoma
(c) Mount tai
(d) Antofalla 
9.Match of the following List-I and List-II 
List-I List – II
A. Japan 1. Etna
B. Hawai 2. Laki
C. Sicily 3. Mauna loa
D. Iceland 4. Fujiyama
Code :A  B C D
(a)    1  2 3 4
(b)    4  3 1 2
(c)    3  2 1 2
(d)    3  4 1 2

10.Which one of the following best describes the world distribution of active and recently active volcanoes ?
(a)They are found in association with young fold mountain chains.
(b)They occur in river flood plains.
(c)They are associated with old eroded mountain chains.
(d)They are located on the western sides of continents.