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Polity Quiz (Morning) for SSC CGL 2016

Polity Quiz (Morning) for SSC CGL 2016_40.1

1. Which of the following articles of the Indian constitution deals with citizenship in India?
(a) Article 333 to 337
(b) Article 17 to 20
(c) Article 05 to 11
(d) Article 01 to 04
Ans (c)

2. According to the Constitution of India, which one of the following rights cannot be taken away during emergency?
(a) Right to speak
(b) Right to freedom of movement
(c) Right to life
(d) Right to organize
Ans (c)

3. Under which article the parliament provides financial assistance to states?
(a) Article 273
(b) Article 274
(c) Article 275
(d) Article 276
Ans (c)

4. Which of the following amendments had reduced the age of the voters from 21 years to 18 years?
(a) 52nd amendment
(b) 60th amendment
(c) 61st amendment
(d) 62nd amendment
Ans (c)

5. Which constitutional amendment provides constitutional status to panchayti raj system in India?
(a) 42nd amendment
(b) 73rd amendment
(c) 72nd amendment
(d) 61st amendment
Ans (b)

6. Which one of the following rights has been described by Dr. Ambedkar as ‘The heart and soul of the Constitution’?
(a) Right of Equality
(b) Right to freedom
(c) Right to property
(d) Right to Constitutional Remedies
Ans (d)

7. By which Act, Federation was introduced in India?
(a) Indian Council Act, 1861
(b) Regulation Act, 1935
(c) Indian Councils Act, 1892
(d) Cabinet Mission, 1946
Ans (b)

8. Which Article of Indian Constitution is related with the Protection of the interests of the minorities?
(a) Article 17
(b) Article 29
(c) Article 30
(d) Article 31
Ans (b)

9. Which schedule of Indian Constitution is related to Panchayti Raj?
(a) II Schedule
(b) VIII Schedule
(c) X Schedule
(d) XI Schedule
Ans (d)

10. The phrase equality before law used in Article 14 of Indian Constitution has been borrowed from the Constitution of:
(a) Britain
(b) USA
(c) France
(d) Canada
Ans (a)

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