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Biology Quiz Based on “PLANT TISSUE” for SSC 2016

Biology Quiz Based on "PLANT TISSUE" for SSC 2016_40.1
1. Age of tree is estimated by its—
A .height
B .weight
C. By the number of annual ring
D .By the length of its root

2. Number of stomata is less and sunk in—
A. Xerophytes
B. Mesophytes
C. Hydrophytes
D. Halophytes
3. Trunk of tree increases in girth due to cell division in—
A. Pith
B. Meristematic tissue
C. Vascular tissue
D. Cortex
Ans. b

4. The cell wall of xylem cells is rich in—
A. Lipid
B. Lignin
C. Starch
D. Protein
5. Which of the following is the “Golden fibre” are found in—
A. Jute
B. sunn hemp
C. Coir
D. cotton
6. Meristem is a group of cell that—
A. Store food
B. Add to the bulk of plant
C. Elongate and add to the group of permanent cell
D. Divide continually to form new cells
7. Living member of phloem tissue is—
A. Vessel
B. Sieve tube
C. Companion cell
D. fibres
8. One growing ring of plant is consist of—
A. Spring wood and early wood
B. Only autumn wood
C. Spring wood and autumn wood
D. Only spring wood

9. Lateral meristem is responsible for—
A. Growth in length
B. Growth in thickness
C. Growth in cortex
D. Growth in parenchyma
10. Water and minerals in plant is transported  through—
A. Phloem
B. Xylem
C. Cortex
D. None of the above

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