POLITY Quiz for SSC CPO & SSC CGL 2016

1. The First Article of the constitution declares that India is a
a) United States
b) Union of States
c) Federal States
d) All are correct

2. Which part of the Indian Constitution deals with fundamental Rights?
(a) Part I
(b) Part II
(c) Part III
(d) Part IV

3. Part IV of Constitution of India deals with:
(a) Fundamental Rights
(b) Citizenship
(c) Directive Principles of State Policy
(d) Union executive
Ans- C

4. Which one of the following Articles of the Constitution of India has provision for the President to proclaim emergency?
(a) Article 352
(c) Article 355
(c) Article 356
(d) Article 360

5. The method of Constitutional Amendment is provided in:
(a) Article 348
(b) Article 358
(c) Article 368
(d) Article 378
Ans- C

6. Part III of the Constitution of the India relates to—
(a) fundamental Rights
(b) Directive Principles of State Policy
(c) Fundamental Duties
(d) Citizenship
Ans. A

7. The articles  of the Constitution of India which deal with Directive Principles of State Policy are—
(a) 26 to 41
(b) 30 to 45
(c) 36 to 51
(d) 40 to 55

8. With what subject to the Article 5 to 11 of the constitution of India deal?
(a) Indian Union and Its territory,
(b) citizenship
(c) Fundamental Duties
(d) Union Executive 
Ans- B

9. Under which Article of the Constitution of India can the President of India be impeached?
(a) Article 61
(b) Article 75
(c) Article 76
(d) Article 356
Ans- A

10. For distribution of powers between the Union and the States, the Constitution of India introduce  three lists. Which two of the following Articles govern the distribution of power:
(a) Articles 3 and 4
(b) Articles 56 and 57
(c) Articles 141 and 142
(d) Articles 245 and 246
Ans- D


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