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Biology Quiz on “TRANSPIRATION” for SSC 2016

Biology Quiz on "TRANSPIRATION" for SSC 2016_40.1
1. The maximum loss of water in transpiration is from—
A. Cuticle 
B. Stomata
C. Hydothodes
D. Lenticles

2. Transpiration differ from evaporation in—

A. Frequency of water loss
B. Transpiration is physical process while evaporation is a physiological process.
C. Transpiration is physiological process while evaporation is a physical process.
D. Rate of water loss
3. Maximum transpiration occur in—
A. Xerophytic plants
B. Mesophytic plants
C. Algal cells
D. Hydrophytic plants
4. In plant process of transpiration occur through—
A. Root
B. Stem
C. Leaves
D. All the aerial part of plant
5. Plant cooling occurs due to which of the following?
A. Guttation
B. hydrolysis
C. Transpiration
D. Excretion
6. Transpiration is regulated by movement of which of the following?
A. Subsidiary cell
B. Guard cell
C. Mesophyll cell
D. Epidermal cell
7. Which instrument is used for measuring the rate of transpiration?
A. Psychrometer
B. Potometer
C. Hygrometer
D. Porometer
8. In which of the following condition the rate of transpiration increases?
A. High humidity
B. Low velocity of wind
C. Excess amount of water in soil
D. Low humidity and high temperature
9. Two main function of leaves are—
A. Respiration and digestion
B. Photosynthesis  and respiration
C. Photosynthesis  and transpiration
D. Transpiration and respiration
10. Transpiration is high under—
A. High temperature
B. Dry environment
C. Low atmospheric pressure
D. All of the above
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