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Biology Quiz for SSC 2016

Biology Quiz for SSC 2016_40.1
1. Father of Human genetics is:
A. Gregor Mendel
B. Charles Darwin
C. Sir Archibald Garrod
D. H.G Khurana
Ans. A

2. A character which is expressed in a hybrid is called
A. Dominant
B. Recessive
C. Co-dominant
D. Epistatic
Ans. A
3. Part of molecule which deoxyribonucleic acid is named is the
4. The extra chromosome found in male insect is called…
A. X-body
B. Y-body
C. homologous
D. neutral
Ans. B
5. The inactivated X chromosome is referred to as a _____  body.
A. Nuclear
B. Barr
C. Polar
D. Golgi
Ans. B
6. Nucleotides made of?              
A.nitrogenous base sugar, phosphate group
B.phosphate base sugar
7. Which phenomena can bring about variation in a clone?
A. Genetic engineering
B. Biotechnology
C. Mutation
D. Genetic drift
Ans. C
8. The hereditary units are DNA molecules of certain lengths called
A. chromosomes
B. genes
C. factors
D. alleles
Ans. B
9. Who proved the evidence of DNA as a genetic Material?
A. Lamarck
B. Frederick
C. Gregor Mendel
D. Weismann
Ans. B
10. Who was the first scientist to isolate DNA?
A. Weismann mishear
B. Watson and crick
C. Frederick Miescher
D. Darwin

Ans. C

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